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3 Major Examples of Medical Negligence Cases

By Karnas Law Firm |

When we talk of medical negligence cases, what is the exact meaning? In the simplest terms, it implies a situation where a doctor fails to exercise reasonable action in the service delivery. This often brings significant negative consequences on a patient hence attracting legal procedures against the medic or hospital.

Over the years, there have been many cases of misdiagnosis which have hit the headlines across the globe. Focusing on the specific cases clarifies the essential aspects, such as the judgments and the evidence of the breach by the doctor.

1.  The Failed Diagnosis Case

Comparative Negligence in Arizona | Karnas Law FirmThere are different forms that medical negligence takes. One of them is the lack of diagnosis in time. The Supreme Court is vital in these cases as it handles most of them efficiently. You can understand this well when you go to the latest supreme court judgments on medical negligence.

In January 2019, there was a case based on the failed diagnosis. This was in the Missouri Supreme Court, where the plaintiff claimed to have suffered grave medical issues from an untimely treatment. In the case, the court:

  • Found that the patient developed problems in the brain.
  • Found the hospital liable for the consequences.
  • Ordered $28.9 million compensation to the patient.

In Tucson, Arizona, there are also similar cases in the records. As a Tucsonan, know that law got your back on the topic of medical malpractices. What you need is to file the lawsuit soon through reliable personal injury law firms. 

2.  The Incorrect Medication Case

Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents?It is a colossal mistake for a doctor to give the wrong treatment to a disease or medical condition. This also encompasses over-dosage. In Illinois, 2007, one clinic officer failed to carry out an accurate pre-treatment test, which led to obesity and high blood pressure conditions. Two years down the line, the patient developed more severe symptoms while using the medication previously issued.

In the year 2013, another medical facility diagnosed him with stage five chronic kidney problem. It was clear that the wrong medical treatment was the source of all the issues; hence in 2015, he took the matter in court. The court found the case substantial and viable, thus ordering $29.96 million to the plaintiff.

3.  The Brain Injury Case

This case involved an infant in February 2020. The Monmouth County court, New Jersey, found the medics liable for the permanent brain damage on the infant during a hernia surgery procedure. The court ordered the $6.5 million settlement to the parents due to medical malpractice by the surgery team. The complainants (The parents) presented clear evidence to support their case, which proved the element of malpractice.

The cases of medical malpractices are more common these days. When one happens to you, the best thing is looking for specialized personal injury lawyers to understand the proper procedures to follow. Going by the judgment of previous medical malpractice cases, the issue of evidence is necessary. This increases the possibility of getting compensation for all the damages.

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