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Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney When You Hire One Attorney at Karnas Law, You're Hiring a Team

Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney

We Represent Injured Victims in Phoenix and Throughout Maricopa County

The capital of Arizona, Phoenix is one of the most rapidly growing major cities in the United States. It is now the country’s fifth largest city and it is home to many top sites and attractions, including the Desert Botanical Garden, Musical Instrument Museum, South Mountain Park, the Heard Museum, Papago Park, the Footprint Center, and Chase Field.

At The Karnas Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys fight for the rights of injured victims and their families. Our experienced personal injury attorney will provide top quality, personalized representation no matter what the personal injury claims are. If you or your family member was hurt in an accident in Maricopa County, we are ready to help. To set up a free, fully confidential consultation with a top-rated Arizona personal injury lawyer, please contact our Phoenix law office today.

An Overview of Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Phoenix, Arizona

We are a boutique civil litigation law firm devoted to protecting the rights and interests of personal injury victims. With a law office in Phoenix, we are well-positioned to represent people and families in the community and throughout Maricopa County. Our firm provides some of the best personal injury lawyers to give you top quality, personalized legal guidance and support across a wide range of cases. Along with other types of injury & accident claims, our Phoenix attorneys can help you with:

  • Car Accidents: Even a safe and attentive driver could still end up in serious motor vehicle accidents. Data from the insurance industry shows that the average U.S. driver is involved in four accidents during their life. Unfortunately, some crashes lead to serious injuries. We are here to help you navigate the claims process. Call our Phoenix car accident lawyer today for a free review of your case.
  • Commercial Truck Accidents: When truck companies cut corners on safety, it puts innocent people at severe risk. We have the professional skill to hold negligent truckers, negligent truck companies, and their insurance carriers to account. If you were involved in a tractor trailer accident in Maricopa County, our Phoenix truck accident lawyer can help.
  • Motorcycle Wrecks: Did you know that nearly 8 in 10 motorcycle accidents result in an injury to the rider? Motorcyclists need to be ready to protect their safety and rights after a collision. We advocate for injured motorcycle accident victims throughout Maricopa County. Contact our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer for immediate help.
  • Dog Bites: We hold dog owners (and other negligent parties) legally liable for dog bites. A dog bite can lead to severe injuries—including nasty infections. Immediate medical attention is critically important. If you or your child was attacked by a dog, our Phoenix premises liability attorney can help.
  • Defective product claims: Big corporations have a legal responsibility to ensure that their products are properly tested, designed, and manufactured. A dangerous and defective product can cause severe harm to an unsuspected consumer. Arizona is a strict liability state for defective product claims. We help injured victims get justice. Call our Phoenix product liability attorneys for immediate assistance.
  • Medical Malpractice Lawsuits: Were you or a loved one harmed due to the negligence of a physician, hospital, or other medical provider? You may have been the victim of medical malpractice. These are complex legal claims. If you or your family member was harmed due to medical negligence, our Phoenix medical malpractice attorney can help.
  • Catastrophic Injuries: Catastrophic personal injuries are ones that carry long-term, even life-altering ramifications for the victim and their family. There are some unique considerations in these types of legal cases. At The Karnas Law Firm, we have the experience to handle any personal injury lawsuit and are standing at the ready to help you!
  • Wrongful Death Claims: Was your family member killed due to the careless, reckless, or otherwise unlawful actions or inactions of a business, property owner, or any other party? You may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim to hold them accountable and recover financial support. While nothing could ever make things right after such a heartbreaking loss, you need justice. Contact our Phoenix wrongful death attorney for a free, confidential initial consultation.

We Help Injured Victims Maximize their Financial Compensation

After suffering a serious injury in Phoenix, you’ll most likely need financial support to help pay for your increasing medical bills. Sadly, the insurance companies that handle most injury and accident claims want to pay out as little as they can get away with. They will settle your personal injury claim for less or even deny liability outright. Our Phoenix personal injury attorney will help you maximize your settlement or trial verdict. You may be entitled to recover financial compensation for:

  • Property damage (vehicle repairs);
  • Ambulance and emergency room care;
  • Medical bills and other medical expenses;
  • Lost wages and loss of earning power;
  • Pain and suffering & emotional anguish;
  • Disfigurement or long-term disability; and
  • Wrongful death of a family member.

Why Rely On the Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers at The Karnas Law Firm

After a serious accident, you need to be able to focus on yourself, your recovery, and your family. You cannot rely on an insurance company—even if it is your own provider—to look out for your legal rights or financial interests. At The Karnas Law Firm, our attorneys that specialize in personal injury law focus highly on attorney client relationship so we can provide the best services possible! These services are always high quality, personalized, and justice-driven for you and your family. When you reach out to our Phoenix law office, you will have the opportunity to speak to an Phoenix personal injury lawyer who can:

  • Hear your story, review your case, and answer your questions;
  • Investigate the accident and your injuries—compiling all of the evidence;
  • Advocate for you and your family in settlement negotiations; and
  • Develop a comprehensive, personalized legal strategy to get you the best results.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

At The Karnas Law Firm, our Phoenix personal injury attorney is standing by, ready to help you fight for justice and the maximum financial compensation. If you were hurt in an accident, we can help. Give us a call at 602.402.5207 or contact us online to arrange your free, no obligation consultation. We represent injured victims in Phoenix, Maricopa County, and throughout all of Arizona.