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Disputing Fault After an Arizona Car Accident

By Karnas Law Firm | Sep 30, 2022

In Arizona, car accident victims have the right to demand compensation for their losses from the at-fault drivers who caused their crash. How much a person can recover, however, will depend on the claimant’s ability to establish a few different factors, including who was primarily at fault for the crash. Unfortunately, at-fault drivers and their…

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The Timeline of a Personal Injury Case

By Karnas Law Firm | Sep 15, 2022

How long it takes to resolve a personal injury case will vary, lasting anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, or even over a year. The duration of a case depends on a lot of different factors, including the willingness of the at-fault party’s insurer to negotiate and agree to a settlement, or…

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What to do After a Dog Bite 

By Karnas Law Firm | Sep 8, 2022

Dogs are thought of as part of the family, valued for their loyalty and company. In the case of a negligent owner, however, a dog could pose a very real risk to others. In fact, it is estimated that as many as 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the U.S. every year. Sadly,…

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Recovering from a Low-Speed Car Accident

By Karnas Law Firm | Sep 2, 2022

Often, when people think of a car accident, they imagine a high-speed collision, with catastrophic impact. While this does describe a lot of crashes, far more qualify as low-speed, low-impact collisions. Just because they occur at low speeds does not, however, mean that these kinds of crashes should be taken lightly, as they can still…

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Failing to Properly Load Cargo Can Cause Truck Accidents

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 17, 2022

The various components of a commercial truck go through a lot more wear and tear than most vehicles, partly due to the number of miles driven and partly because of the heaviness of the vehicles. For these reasons, things like the brakes and tires on commercial vehicles need to be inspected regularly and replaced often…

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Reporting an Arizona Car Accident to the Police

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 11, 2022

Most people know that there are a lot of benefits to calling the police after a car accident. Law enforcement officers can, for instance, make sure that all the cars are safely moved out of the roadway, can help injured parties obtain emergency medical help, and can start an investigation into the cause of the…

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Landlord Liability for Crimes Occurring on Rental Properties

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 4, 2022

In Arizona, all property owners are required to use a certain degree of care in keeping their premises safe for visitors. This responsibility, however, is especially high for certain types of property owners, including landlords, who must not only keep their properties in good condition, but must also take steps to protect tenants from becoming…

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Arizona Car Accident Statistics

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 3, 2022

In a recent report, the Arizona Department of Transportation estimated that there were 98,778 car accidents in the state in 2020 alone. Around 28,610 of these crashes resulted in injury and 970 proved to be fatal to one or more of the parties involved. Having a thorough understanding of these statistics can go a long…

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Your Guide to Negligent Security Claims in Arizona

By Karnas Law Firm | Jul 21, 2022

Businesses and property owners in Arizona have a duty to keep their premises in reasonably safe and secure condition for invited guests. If an accident or injury occurs on the premises, they can be held legally responsible for their failure to do so. Notably, a business or property owner could potentially be held liable for…

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