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Charitable Work When You Hire One Attorney at Karnas Law, You're Hiring a Team

Charitable Work

karnas kids foundation

At the Karnas Law Firm, we are committed to playing an active, positive role in the communities in which we work and live. The Karnas Law Firm has initiated several charitable programs to give back to the community and help the children in Arizona and California. The  Karnas Law Firmhas initiated several charitable programs to give back to the community and help the children in the Tucson, Yuma, and San Diego Communities.

Our Managing Partner, David Karnas, says: “To this end, we have created the Karnas Kids Foundation, through which the law firm has donated thousands of dollars to lunch programs and charitable events. Recently, we purchased and distributed through the Karnas Kostumes Halloween Outreach Program, Halloween costumes for children who could not afford them. The Karnas Law Firm is also engaged in the Karnas Kar Seats program, which provides car seats to keep children safe.”

Local Law Firm Provides Lunches for Children in Need, published in the Arizona Bilingual Newspaper, on 8/6/14.

lunches for children in need

Recently, Director Michael Luria, visited Tucson office to accept a $8,737.67 donation to the Tucson Children’s Museum. Karnas Law Firm is committed to helping charitable children’s organizations.

Karnas Law Firm won first place at the annual softball tournament sponsoring the Arizona Children’s Association!

It’s the Karnas Kostumes Donation for Halloween 2017! The Karnas Kids Foundation created the Karnas Kostumes Donation to provide costumes to those who could not afford one.

Karnas Law Firm helps local Miss Yuma County defeat childhood poverty.

Statement from Theodora Baker:

Mr. Karnas,

First thank you so much for the sponsorship!!! You have no idea how much this is helping me out. Thank you for being so generous and for sponsoring me $400 dollars. My service platform that I’ve been carrying out is: “Breaking the Cycle of Childhood Poverty”. I’ve been working closely with the Crossroads Mission and the Yuma Community Food Bank to ensure that the children of Yuma County are fed, clothed and sheltered. I started a program this year entitled “Rise Up” that is integrated into shelters, specifically the children’s shelter at the CrossRoads Mission. I’ve been holding meeting every Saturday from 6:30pm- 7:30pm. I do different activities with the kids ranging from indoor to outdoor and I’ve gotten a vast amount of food sponsors to provide the kids with a meal in the evenings. I’ve seen kids lives change and have witnessed them move on and do great things in life! And I’m excited to show the Miss Arizona judges everything that I’ve accomplished this year! In preparation for the Miss Arizona competition, I’ve been preparing more mentally than physically. This job of Miss Arizona’s Outstanding Teen is difficult and does require responsibility. I’ve really been focusing on my platform and how I want to market it going forward. I truly believe this Is more than a beauty pageant, and that it’s about changing lives. Whether I win or. Or, I’m just super proud of my platform work! It has truly changed me and has made me realize that there is a bigger picture! THANK YOU for supporting this crazy dream of mine for the past 3 years! It doesn’t go unnoticed and I’ll never forget how willing you’ve been to support me. I’m going to give 100% for my hometown and make Yuma proud! And I’m so proud to represent. Thank you all and God Bless

– Theodora Baker
Miss Yuma County’s Outstanding Teen 2018

Karnas Klassrooms – The Karnas Kid Foundation is helping provide Whitemore K-6 elementary school teachers with classroom supplies! For more information, or if you would like to help fund our teachers as well, email Mariana at

Karnas Law Firm Sponsors Local Yuma Girls’ Softball Club

Karnas Law Firm was honored to be apart of “Noah’s Rangers” this year for the Southern Arizona Network for Down Syndrome Walk Go Team Noah! We are always proud to be apart of the Tucson Community!

fun time with noah down syndrome walk

KLAW Congratulates Krysten Sinema and Martha McSally on their historical senate campaigns.
Arizona has now elected the states first woman to the US Senate, Krysten Sinema.
Everyone was a winner here especially the citizens of Arizona. Both McSally and Sinema campaigned honorably! #KLAWon
az senate

Thank you to the Yuma Fury Fastpitch girls for such a thoughtful piece of Recognition, we are proud to be apart of the Yuma Community!
Yuma Fury Fastpitch Fall 2018

The Karnas Law Firm is sponsoring a dog at Doggie Home for the Holidays on December 8th.

Karnas Law Firm Family Photo