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7 Tips for Driving Alongside Semi-Trucks

By Karnas Law Firm |

ferrybridge | karnas law firmAmong the most serious of all road accidents are those that involve commercial trucks. Collisions with semis can have devastating effects due to the sheer size and weight of the vehicles. Accidents with them frequently result in very severe injuries and sometimes even death.

There are certain things one should always do when on the road with a commercial truck. These tips can keep drivers and their passengers safe while sharing the roadway with these large vehicles.

Avoid Distractions

is a danger no matter what, but it can be even more deadly when there are large trucks on the road. Drivers must stay focused and avoid distractions at all times when on the highway and local roads.

Always Use Signals

Drivers should always use their signals. Signals help the truck driver see vehicles when they’re attempting to maneuver around the truck. Passenger vehicle drivers should also use caution when changing lanes and give enough room so that the truck driver can see them.

Adjust Headlights

Headlights can blind truck drivers when they reflect off their mirrors. Drivers should avoid using high beams when trucks are on the road.

Give Plenty of Room

You should always give plenty of space when driving beside a truck. Big rigs require more room on the road than standard passenger vehicles. It’s important to remember that trucks make wide turns that force them to occupy two lanes. Always avoid passing trucks that are making right turns.

Avoid Blind Spots

blurry car | karnas law firmSemis have numerous blind spots which make it difficult for the driver to see certain areas around their truck. It’s best to avoid traveling:

  • 30 feet behind a truck
  • 20 feet in front of a truck
  • Two lanes to the right side up to half of the trailer
  • Two lanes to the left up to half of the trailer

Additionally, if you can’t see the truck driver in the truck’s mirrors, the truck driver probably can’t see you.

Wear a Seatbelt

Drivers and passengers should wear their seatbelts at all times. They are designed to protect people from injuries or even death if they are involved in a collision with a truck or any other vehicle. However, they can only be useful if worn regularly.

Pass Safely

passing | karnas law firmAvoid passing semis on hills because they slow down while traveling uphill or downhill. Passing on the left side of a truck is also more comfortable because the driver is more likely to see a vehicle from that side. The right side of a semi-truck tends to have a larger blind spot.

Keep these seven tips in mind when driving near large trucks to avoid a potentially damaging accident. Make sure you’re prepared in case the worst does happen. In the event of an accident, the best thing to do after getting medical help is to speak with a lawyer.

The Tucson truck accident lawyers at Karnas Law Firm can provide you with the legal representation needed to get through this tough time. We have over 25 years of experience helping people just like you recover fair compensation for accident-related damages. Contact us today at (520) 571-9700 for a free case evaluation. We are available 24/7.