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Auto Accident Claims Involving Pain And Suffering

By Karnas Law Firm |

A serious accident can leave a person feeling helpless and hopeless. When the incident is not your fault, it may be possible to compensate for their pain and suffering. This will cover any medical bills incurred and other losses such as income, loss of consortium, etc.

In such cases, it would be necessary to hire a Tucson Accident Attorney at once because there are deadlines for filing claims which you must not miss under any circumstances. If you want to learn more about the pain and suffering of car accidents, this article is for you.

How Can You Prove Pain and Suffering?

One of the most challenging things to prove in any personal injury case is pain and suffering. It is not like proving that you lost your wages because this can be established relatively quickly due to the payslips that you will have saved for this purpose. However, it is different when claiming damages for pain and suffering since there are no tangible proofs to go with such claims. All of this is not easy, and you will need the help of an accident attorney if your case demands such compensation.

What Will You Need?

To get damages for pain and suffering, you must be able to prove that you have been injured in the car accident even though there may not be any other visible sign of the same. This means that it will all boil down to medical evidence proving that you were indeed injured in the accident.

You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer who deals with cases like this before proceeding with your claim. The first thing you should do is take photographs of the scene where the accident occurred and the vehicles involved.

What Are the Types of Compensation You Can Get?

You can claim two types of damages in a case where you have suffered pain and suffering due to an accident. The first one is called ‘general damages,’ which refers to the suffering experienced by the injured party. The other type is called the ‘special damages,’ which includes all other items related to the accident’s financial losses. You should try and claim both types to maximize the amount of compensation you receive after an auto accident.

Is There A Deadline For Filing an Injury Claim?

There are strict deadlines to be followed when filing an accident claim. If you wish to file a case for pain and suffering after being involved in a car accident, you should do it within two years of the incident taking place. It is best if rather than later because several issues need to be taken care of before filing a claim. If you have received an injury in a car accident, you should get in touch with an accident lawyer right away so that he can proceed further with your case.

In summary, you could get compensation for pain and suffering if you have been injured in an auto accident even though there are no visible signs of injury. You should hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your case to maximize the amount of awarded compensation. Remember, it is best to file your claim within two years of being involved in the accident.

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