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Blown Tire Truck Accidents

By Karnas Law Firm |

Tires are some of the most important parts of any motor vehicle. After all, every vehicle grips the road with its tires. When a tire blows, then any vehicle could become immediately unstable. And large motor vehicles like 18 wheelers and semis could careen all over the place, mowing down innocent people.

If you were involved in a tire blowout accident, please contact Karnas Law Firm, PLLC. Many trucking companies will claim that tire blowouts are “unavoidable” and that no one is to blame for your injuries. The reality is usually different. In many cases, the trucking company or the truck driver is to blame for driving on tires that are improperly inflated or that are too old and worn. Please call our firm to investigate your truck accident and determine if you can sue for the collision.

Why Tires Fail

Anyone who has driven on the highway has seen shredded pieces of rubber on the side of the road. Based on the size of these remnants, you can tell that they were tires mounted on a very large truck. What causes tires to blow up like that?

Here are some common reasons for tire failure:

  • Overinflation. Too much air in a tire is a serious problem and can lead to blowouts. Also, as a truck runs, the tire warms, which causes the air to expand. A tire that is overinflated in the cold will often expand out of control after the truck has been on the road for hours.
  • Underinflation. Too little air is also a problem. Both control and braking decline. Also, the tire cannot support the vehicle, and it will overheat, weakening the tire materials and leading to an explosion.
  • Tire defects. The tire could be properly inflated but have a design or manufacturing defect. For example, the materials used in the tire could be too weak, which is why it blows.
  • Wrong size. A tire that is too small will experience excess pressure and be at greater risk of failure. The use of mismatched tires is also a serious problem on semi-trucks.
  • Failure to inspect tires. Truckers must inspect their tires regularly to ensure that they are in good working order. If they see sidewall separation or other defects, they shouldn’t start the truck or continue driving. Unfortunately, many truckers are on tight deadlines, so they take their chances.

Why Old Tires Are a Problem

As a car owner, you probably know that you need to change your tires when the tread gets too worn down. That’s sensible. The tread helps move water away from the tire, which allows the tire to maintain contact with the road. However, it’s a mistake to assume you can continue to use an old tire so long as it still has sufficient tread.

Old tires are dangerous. Tires are made primarily of rubber, which can stiffen and develop cracks with age. The rubber compound in the tire can also wear out over time, which means the tread can separate and the tire will come apart.

Sadly, some trucking companies use old tires. They are trying to save money by refusing to buy new tires and might pull something out of storage to put on the truck. Other motorists on the road end up suffering injuries when the old tire explodes and the truck goes out of control.

Blowout Accidents & Injuries

Motorists can suffer some terrifying injuries. For one, the blown tire might fly and strike the vehicle, temporarily blocking the driver’s vision or even forcing them off the road. So motorists can suffer serious injuries when they slide down a ravine or smash into a tree.

Even worse, a truck can slam into a car driving alongside it or crash into a car up ahead. Truckers struggle to control their rigs when one or more tires are blown. We have seen terrible override and underride accidents result.

Any collision on the highway also increases the risks of a multi-car pile up. As soon as one car is struck, others behind it are usually unable to hit the brakes or swerve fast enough. Consequently, dozens of cars end up colliding with each other, usually causing very serious injuries. Even worse, it can take emergency personnel hours to eventually reach some people who are in the middle of the pile up.

Speak with an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Do you suspect a tire blowout caused your collision? If so, call Karnas Law Firm. Our truck accident lawyer can review the facts and maybe inspect the truck. We can also fight to get fair compensation for the injuries caused in your accident.