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Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents?

By Karnas Law Firm |

Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents?

No matter how experienced and careful you are, accidents are inevitable. The pain, injuries, and property damage experienced in a car crash leave victims to deal with insurance companies for compensation. They deal with their own insurance and that of the negligent party. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to minimize the amounts payable or avoid paying the claims entirely. That is why it is recommended that plaintiffs work with experienced lawyers to increase the chances of success. 

Schedule an appointment today with a Tucson Car Accident Attorney to discuss your case. 

Using Insurance After an Accident

Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents?After an auto accident, the most common question is whether to use personal injury protection insurance or health insurance before filing a claim with the health insurance. One of the factors affecting medical bills is deductibles. Individuals are required to pay deductibles before insurance policies begin paying for the injuries. 

Medical providers will offer treatment first before establishing who will pay for the bills. The advantage of using PIP insurance is that it does not have a deductible. On the other hand, health insurances have a deductible in most cases. This means that people who use health insurance will likely pay deductibles.

The other benefit of using PIP insurance is that it falls under the subrogation clause that grants health insurance companies any money legally owned relating to reimbursements. They can then return what you paid towards deductibles.

Seek Medical Treatment

Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents?The first step after an accident should always be seeking medical attention to receive treatment and avoid further complications. Experts recommend that victims seek medical treatment even if they feel fine, as health insurance will always cover medical treatment for injuries. The benefit of getting professional help is that experts have the necessary tools to detect injuries that are not felt physically.

As a plaintiff, you should always work with an attorney, especially if insurance adjusters approach you before filing the claim. One of the main strategies they use is suggesting that accident victims wait for treatment from a referral doctor. This makes it easier for them to claim that the specific accident was not the cause of your pain and suffering.

Payments With a Health Insurance

It is always good that you understand what is covered by your insurance plan. Depending on the actual terms of the health insurance plan, there will be some expenses that are covered while others will not. 

Therefore, even with an insurance plan, you may still have to pay for:Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents?


  • Deductibles.
  • Co-payments.
  • And other charges omitted from your policy.

Work With an Attorney

The first step after an accident is to seek immediate medical attention. The second most crucial step is finding the best car injury attorney for your case. 

A lawyer will determine whether your health insurance covers your policy and represent you to eliminate fraud and unfair treatment. To discuss your case, schedule an appointment online today with Karnas Law Firm or call the offices at 520-462-3886.

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