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How to settle a personal injury claim with an insurance company

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What Is the Difference Between Semi-Truck and Car Accidents?You may not need to file an injury lawsuit to get compensation from a personal injury, as you can navigate the compensation process with the insurance company by yourself. Navigating the settlement process should be the first thing you do instead of filing for a lawsuit. However, you should find a Yuma personal injury attorney who will help settle the personal injury claim from an insurance company. Read on to learn about negotiating a settlement.

Get All the Information Right

The right information will make it easy to get the settlement from the insurance company, your attorney will guide you on recording the right information such as the location of the accident, time, date. Parties involved and the extent of the injuries sustained. When filing for a personal claim you the insurance company would need all this information to process your compensation fee.

File the Paperwork

With the information, you can start filing the paperwork with the at-fault driver’s company after the accident. Most insurance companies limit the time you would need before filing the complaint following the accident, some companies would restrict the claims period to a day after the crash.

The claim is intended to inform the company about the injury and how much compensation you would need. After filing the complaint on the injuries you would give the insurance company a little time to respond to your claims. If the claims are genuine the insurance company will go ahead with the case and they would make an offer on the compensation they are willing to give.

Your personal attorney will help you get the highest compensation offer and you have to trust their negotiation skills.

Outline the Damages and Compensation in Details

paper/caculation | karnas law firmA detailed report is likely to win you heavy compensation, and you might not draft a good report by yourself. You will need an injury attorney as they are knowledgeable in drafting demand letters that respond to the reservation of rights letter. You could choose to submit the letter after the recovery or soon after the accident depending on your financial needs, the demand letter will explain:

  • What happened
  • Evidence to support the argument
  • Itemized details about the cost of the accidents and the non–economic damages which will be compensated for the trauma.
  • Demanded compensation.

Review The Insurance Company’s Statement

The insurance company will respond to the claim and you should read it as it is important to understand the companies ground on the matter. You should understand how they come up with the compensation.

Make a Counter Offer

A counteroffer states what you want, if the company offers unreasonable claims you have the right to reject the offer. You would double down the demand amount you had initially requested and show a willingness to negotiate.

Final Thoughts

Tucson, Arizona Catastrophic Injury Lawyer | Karnas Law FirmIt is not necessary to file a claim in court after an injury as you can settle a personal injury claim with an insurance company. However, you might need a personal attorney to guide you through the process as the knowledgeable on such matters.

They will draft the right compensation you would need after the injury thus protecting your interests. You should read and write detailed information about the injury as it helps with the claim.

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