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Impermissible Use of Two-Way Turn Lanes as Express or Passing Lanes in Tucson, AZ

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Impermissible Use of Two-Way Turn Lanes | karnas law firmIn Arizona, drivers frequently encounter a center turning lane that separates the flow of traffic heading in opposite directions. Sometimes, the center turning lane will only be available to traffic heading in one direction. However, many center lanes are “Two-Way Turn Lanes” and allow drivers heading in both directions to use the lane to make left turns. You may also know these lanes by the term “Shotgun Lanes”. Unfortunately, drivers often use Two-Way Turn Lanes inappropriately which regularly results in car crashes and serious injuries to drivers and passengers. 


Statutory Requirements for Two-Way Turn Lanes


Impermissible Use of Two-Way Turn Lanes | karnas law firmThe Arizona legislature has established specific statutory requirements for drivers using Two-Way Turn Lanes. Specifically, Arizona law requires that:

If a special lane for making left turns by drivers proceeding in opposite directions has been indicated by official traffic control devices: 

  • A driver shall not make a left turn from any other lane.
  • A driver shall not drive a vehicle in the lane except if preparing for or making a left turn from or into the roadway or if preparing for or making a U-turn if otherwise permitted by law.

(A.R.S. 28-751)

Indeed, A.R.S. 28-751 provides guidance to drivers on the correct method and position in which they should take turns. Unfortunately, many drivers throughout Arizona, especially in high-traffic cities such as Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma, regularly fail to follow the Two-Way Turn Lane laws. When they do, crashes often ensue. 

For example, drivers in Tucson regularly use the Two-Way Turn Lane on Broadway Boulevard as an express lane. Similarly, drivers in Yuma often use the Two-Way Turn Lane on Fourth Avenue as a passing lane. As discussed by A.R.S. 28-751, using a Two-Way Turn Lane as an express lane or a passing lane violates the statute. 


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Impermissible Use of Two-Way Turn Lanes | karnas law firmIf you were injured by a driver who impermissibly uses the Two-Way Turn Lane, you likely have a claim against them for damages. 

Karnas Law has years of experience litigating on behalf of victims who were injured in a car crash involving a driver’s impermissible use of a Two-Way Turn Lane. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident involving a Two-Way Turn Lane, contact the attorneys at Karnas Law for your free consultation today.