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Laceration Injuries Prompt Ninja Blender Recall

By Karnas Law Firm |

hand | karnas law firmBlenders traditionally have a blade or pair of blades at the bottom of the container that is designed to spin at high speeds to effectively blend contents. The team at Shark Ninja realized that this design often left pieces of uncut chunks behind and came up with a design believed to be the solution. In response, they introduced the stacked Total Crushing blade. Unlike other blender blades, the Total Crushing blades are attached at different heights on a rod that stands vertically in the blender.

  • Shark Ninja advertised this product as being the answer to inefficient blending, but as consumers began using these blenders, dangerous design flaws became evident.

Ninja Blender Recall Facts

turn on | karnas law firmWhat designers may have seen as a solution to blending woes has actually become the problem. The rod-like piece with assorted blades is not anchored to the blender itself in any way. The blades themselves are also noticeably sharper than those in traditional blenders. This was done purposefully so that all blender contents could be effectively sliced through rather than spun at high speeds until they break down.

The stacked blade design led to just over 50 reported incidents of individuals getting cut when pouring contents from the blender as a result of the loose blade.

If you suffered an injury while handling a Ninja Blender, contact us today to discuss your rights to compensation.

stressed | karnas law firmIn response to the growing number of reported injuries, Shark Ninja issued a recall on dozens of blender models; however, the recall doesn’t prompt individuals to stop using or send back their blenders. Instead, the company issued a revised safety warning that instructs individuals to keep the lid on when pouring out contents through the spout.

  • Shark Ninja representatives say that they are working toward having the revised safety warning on every manual for all models.

Rights of Injured Product Users

The most dangerous aspect of the Ninja Blender recall is that many of these products are still being sold without the updated safety warning. The unsecured stacked blade design is to blame for numerous emergency room visits resulting from severe hand lacerations — many requiring surgery. As someone injured as the result of using an unsafe product, you should not be responsible for affording the resulting medical bills.

Filing a Claim for Compensation

paper | karnas law firmProduct liability laws are in place for your protection, and the attorneys at Karnas Law Firm are here to help you recover compensation for all accident-related damages. We have over 25 years of experience representing personal injury victims in Arizona and leading them to a favorable settlement.

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