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Motorcycle Lane-Splitting Accident

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Motorcycles are frequently regarded as more than just a means of transport. Motorcycles have a culture surrounding them, and many are prized collectibles in their own right. Operating a motorcycle, like any other vehicle, can be safe. However, driving a car recklessly or negligently raises the rider’s chances of being badly wounded or killed in an avoidable accident.

Motorcycles should not be regarded as an issue on the roads as many car drivers drive recklessly on a routine basis. Nevertheless, some motorcyclists’ actions on the road can negatively affect motorcyclists and motorcycles in general. Lane splitting, or riding between lanes on the road, is a risky practice. It has contributed to some of the most serious traffic crashes, leaving accident victims permanently scarred. Motorcycles seem to be the issue in such incidents, whereas reckless motorcyclists ought to be critiqued.

Law On Motorcycle Lane Splitting

The law on lane splitting is not straightforward, making deciding liability in a motorcycle lane-splitting accident challenging. Even though California is the only state in the United States that allows lane splitting, the legislation stipulates that it must be conducted safely and responsibly.

Motorcycle Personal Injury AttorneyAssessing whether a particular motorcycle rider acted safely and prudently when the accident occurred can be debatable. Besides, it may ultimately be decided solely by the police or the judge’s decision. Riding safely and prudently could include any or more of the following:

  • Driving at a slightly faster pace than the cars along both sides
  • Keeping an eye out for abrupt lane changes ahead
  • Not weaving or speeding in and out of other vehicles
  • Wearing high-visibility cycling gear
  • Being a seasoned rider
  • Carefully evaluating the risks of lane splitting at any given time
  • Returning to a lane as traffic speeds up, such as when speeds exceed 30 mph
  • Using your horn to alert cars ahead if they tend to be shifting into your position

Lane splitting is expressly forbidden in other jurisdictions. This means that although you are not convicted of any crime if you are involved in a lane-splitting motorcycle accident in one of these states, you are unlikely to win the claim.

In the majority of states across the US, lane splitting is neither prohibited nor permitted. Therefore, a personal injury claim following a motorcycle lane splitting accident is possible, but the specific circumstances would determine its validity. If you manage to prove the other driver’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation.

Seek Legal Help After A Motorcycle Lane Splitting Accident In Arizona And California

Comparative Negligence in Arizona | Karnas Law FirmUnless you live in California, where the law on lane splitting is well defined, you might face a difficult time trying to file for compensation following a lane splitting accident.

Due to the complexities of lane splitting laws and the challenge of establishing liability, it is prudent to seek the advice of a knowledgeable Car Accident Attorney.

Karnas Law Firm serves both Arizona and California residents. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your legal options and rights following a motorcycle lane-splitting accident today. The team will ensure that your interests are well represented and advocated for.

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