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Motorcycle versus Car Accident

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Motorcycle accidents are in a separate category when contrasted to other types of vehicle accidents. Even though there are some parallels between motorcycle and car accidents, they differ, owing to the dangers associated with riding a motorbike, the causes of accidents, injuries incurred, and liability considerations.

Motorcycles only have two wheels, no airbags or seat belts, and are considerably smaller than other types of vehicles. Moreover, bikes do not have the benefit of being contained and protected by metal. In contrast to automobile drivers, some of the greatest dangers that motorcycle riders encounter include restricted visibility and road hazards, including mud, rocks, trash, and much less stability.

Motorcycle Personal Injury AttorneyMotorcycle accidents are more likely to cause injury and are harder to manage than auto accidents. Some noticeable differences include:

  • Motorcyclists frequently endure more serious and perpetual injuries due to their susceptibility on the road
  • Motorcyclists might well require extra lengthy monetary support to cover medical care after sustaining a catastrophic brain or spinal cord injury
  • Victims of motorcycle accidents frequently face additional obstacles in a trial from juries who perceive motorcyclists as intrinsically ‘reckless’ or unsafe
  • Most victims of motorcycle accidents require extra reimbursement for protracted wages and hospital bills
  • Sadly, most motorcycle accidents lead to the death of the motorcyclist and/or passengers

Car accident statistics vary from motorcycle accident statistics, although there are still a considerable number of hurt and fatally injured crash victims:

  • According to the US Department of Transportation, the ordinary driver is engaged in some vehicle accident every six years, and drivers will have a near miss at least once or twice monthly
  • According to the National Safety Council, about 12 million motor vehicle accidents occur each year
  • According to statistics, there are approximately 2 million debilitating injuries caused by car accidents each year
  • According to studies, up to 75% of vehicle accident injury victims suffer symptoms up to 6 months following the accident
  • According to a National Highway Traffic Administration research, roughly 28% of passengers in car accidents incur mild to moderate injuries, while roughly 6% incur severe or fatal injuries

Prevalent Cause Of Accidents

Arizona Motorcycle Accident an Intersections: Case Study of Hunsaker v. SmithMost motorcycle accidents are caused by another motorist failing to notice them on the road. These include:

  • Cars navigating left-hand turns
  • Alcohol use
  • Speeding
  • Striking fixed objects

On the other hand, a car accident can occur to anybody, anytime, so long as they are on the road. Nonetheless, some of the leading causes of collisions include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driver fatigue
  • Aggressive driving
  • Alcohol use
  • Speeding

How To Prevent A Severe Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle Personal Injury AttorneySadly, motorcycle riders are unable to prevent every collision. Nevertheless, there are some precautions that a motorcycle rider can take to lessen the likelihood of being involved in a major accident. Some of these include:

  • Maintain correct tire inflation
  • Desist from riding in severe weather
  • Always follow the speed limit
  • Never ride in between traffic or tailgate
  • Do not ride while drunk
  • Avoid riding while tired
  • Never ride in a car’s blind spot
  • Drive defensively and take notice of other motorists at all times

Contact An Experienced Attorney

If you sustain severe injury or lose a loved one in a motorcycle or car accident caused by another person’s negligence, you might have a potential claim. Consult with an experienced Car Accident Attorney at Karnas Law Firm to discuss your case.

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