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Negligent Driving on Arizona’s Most Dangerous Roads

By Karnas Law Firm |

Negligent Driving on Arizona’s Most Dangerous Roads | Karnas Law FirmAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the most dangerous highways in Arizona are Interstate 10 (“I-10”), Interstate 40 (“I-40”), and Interstate 17 (“I-17”). Vehicle crashes regularly occur on these interstates and result in injuries to drivers and passengers. Shockingly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that approximately 100 people die in car accidents on 1-40 between May and August each year.  

Where Do Vehicle Crashes Happen

Negligent Driving on Arizona’s Most Dangerous Roads | Karnas Law FirmVehicle crashes often occur when drivers are driving to work, to school, to community events, and to social events. However, vehicle crashes also often occur when travels drive to many vacation destinations throughout Arizona and in neighboring states. For example, car crashes often occur on State Route 64 when tourists are traveling to the Grand Canyon. Ar another example crashes often occur on U.S. Highway 93 when passengers are heading to or from Las Vegas. Similarly, scenic drives are often a situs where car crashes occur. For example, each year, drivers and passengers are injured during scenic drives on the Beeline Highway, Salt River Canyon, and Route 66.  

  • Sadly, the vast majority of these deaths and injuries are caused by driver error. Almost always, these errors constitute negligence. Accordingly, the injured person or persons likely has a claim against the negligent driver for damages.
  • In Arizona, the basic elements of negligence are: 1) duty, 2) breach of duty, 3) and an injury proximately caused by the breach. (Wertheim v. Pima County (2005) 211 Ariz. 422.) 

Call An Experienced Arizona Car Accident Attorney

Negligent Driving on Arizona’s Most Dangerous Roads | Karnas Law FirmThe attorneys at Karnas Law Firm have years of experience analyzing injured persons’ specific situations to determine whether an at-fault driver has liability. The attorneys at Karnas Law have years of experience representing drivers and passengers injured on Arizona’s roads, including the busiest highways and backroads. If you have been injured in a vehicle crash in Arizona, consult Karnas Law Firm for your free consultation today.