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Steps to take Immediately After a Dog Bite in Arizona

By Karnas Law Firm |

angry dog | karnas law firmGetting bitten by a dog is an unfortunate situation that often requires medical treatment. A dog bite can cause permanent physical scars as well as psychological scars, with many developing a fear of dogs after their ordeal. In particularly severe cases, a dog bite can keep a person in the hospital for a significant amount of time. A person may require scar treatment or reconstructive surgery that can cost thousands of dollars. Where are you supposed to get the funds if you are injured by a dog in Tucson?

If you or someone you care about is the victim of a dog bite, it is wise to pursue legal action against the dog’s owner. At Karnas Law Firm, our dog bite lawyers can help you fight for the compensation you need.

What Arizona Law Says About Dog Bites

paper/caculation | karnas law firmArizona is a “strict liability” dog bite state in which the law applies even if the owner did not know the dog would bite, and even if the dog has never bitten anyone before, as noted in 11-1025 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. To hold a dog owner liable, an injured person must demonstrate that:

  • The dog bite caused the injury he or she is suffering from.
  • The bite occurred while the person was in a public place or lawfully in a private place.

Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite

hand | karnas law firmAnyone who has been bitten by an unfamiliar dog should adhere to a few guidelines. If a dog has badly bitten you, make sure you:

Seek Immediate Medical Attention: The most important thing is to seek medical attention immediately. Instead of waiting for an appointment with a doctor, a victim should go to the emergency room or an urgent care center to get treated. You may need a vaccine to prevent infection from rabies. Keep copies of all medical records associated with your dog bite injury to pursue damages.

Find the Dog’s Owner: If a dog bite victim wants to start a personal injury lawsuit, he must find the dog’s owner. Communicating with the owner can help you gain insight into the dog’s health and vaccination history.

Contact a Tucson dog bite attorney: Get in touch with a dog bite attorney after receiving a medical evaluation. Be sure to discuss the events that led to the dog bite. It’s important to discuss the incident with your attorney so that he can make a compelling case for damages. Your dog bite lawyer may ask whether the dog was restrained, well-kept, or provoked, among other questions relating to the accident. In these cases, the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance coverage typically provides for medical bills.

turn on | karnas law firmAn attorney may be able to help you recover compensation such as medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and more depending on the facts of your case. Speak with attorneys at Karnas Law Firm to learn the value of your injury case. We have over 25 years of experience helping over 10,000 clients in and around Tucson. Call (520) 571-9700 for a free consultation.