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Underage Drinking and Car Accidents

By Karnas Law Firm |

Underage drinking has become a significant issue in the United States. According to recent studies, alcohol consumption among underage individuals has reached an all-time high. Over 5,000 underage fatalities occur each year due to underage drinking and driving accidents.

Many young people who are caught driving while intoxicated go on to develop alcohol abuse problems later in life if they do not receive proper treatment. If you are a minor or a parent to a minor in a car accident in Tucson, be sure to contact a Tucson car accident attorney for help.

The underage drinking epidemic has many negative consequences. Not only can underage drinking and driving result in accidents that claim the lives of the young people involved, but it also results in underage individuals developing alcohol problems later in life and increases rates of violent crime among underage youth.

Never Give Underage Drinkers Or Underage Drivers Alcohol

Never allow underage individuals to drive your vehicle, even if you are with them when they are drinking because it facilitates underage drinking and driving accidents. If an underage individual is caught driving while intoxicated, call the police instead of trying to cover up the incident for them.

An underage individual who is caught underage drinking and driving with a blood-alcohol level of .1 or above will automatically lose their license for one year in the state of Arizona. If underage individuals drink at your home, do not let them drive. Call a taxi or take public transportation with underage drinkers instead.

Put Alcohol and Car Keys Out of Reach

If underage drinkers are underage or underage drivers are in your home, make sure they do not have access to car keys or alcohol. If underage individuals in your household have their car keys, take them away from them until they turn 21 years old. According to the statistics, underage drinking is most likely when underage individuals are at a party or some other social event.

According to the underage drinking statistics, underage children under 21 years old who drank were more likely to consume alcohol at a friend’s house than at home. Only two percent reported that they drank at a family member’s house.

Give Teens Alternatives for Transportation

If underage drinkers or underage drivers are underage, do not let them drive after they have consumed alcohol. Instead of allowing underage individuals to drink and drive, give underage drinkers alternative methods for transportation if underage drivers insist on drinking.

If underage drinkers are underage, be sure to offer public transportation or taxi cab rides instead of allowing underage individuals with blood alcohol levels above .1% to get behind the wheel of a car. Underage alcohol consumption is an issue that needs the attention of every parent and driver in the United States. As underage drinking statistics reveal, underage individuals are more likely to drink and drive if their parents allow them to own cars.

If you are underage, getting behind the wheel is illegal in Arizona. Whether you have had one beer or seven beers, underage drunk driving will result in underage fatalities, especially when underage individuals are involved in car accidents. If you are underage, you must contact an experienced Tucson lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.

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