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What are the Odds of Getting in a Motorcycle Accident?

By Karnas Law Firm |

Motorcycles are a fun way to get around in Arizona, but they need to be taken seriously because out of all vehicle accidents involving motorcycles, only about 5% survive. In comparison, 95% die from injuries sustained in the crash.

When you’re involved with one, it’s best that protect your rights by contacting a Tucson Car Accident Attorney as soon as possible so they can help make sure justice prevails for both parties following an accident.

Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

The United States has more than 8 million motorcycles on the road. The vast majority of these are registered and insured. Surprisingly, they’re not as safe as you would think.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle accidents have increased by 38% in just three years. This is alarming considering that there is only an average of 4 deaths per day for all types of motor vehicles across America combined. 

What’s the Best Way to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle Personal Injury AttorneyThere are many ways to protect yourself from an accident, but it all starts with understanding how your bike handles and what other drivers on the road may not be seeing when they look in their mirrors as they turn or merge onto highways. Other ways include: 

  • Avoid bad weather
  • Gear up
  • Be alert
  • Beware intersections
  • Never drink or speed

What Are the Odds of Dying on a Motorcycle?

If you’re wondering the odds of dying on a motorcycle, they are not in your favor. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute statistics, motorcyclists who ride without helmets have around three times more risk of death or serious injury than riders who take safety precautions. The same study also found that over 70% of all fatal accidents happened to unhelmeted riders.

That is the main reason why you should always wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle, but it’s also important that you know how to handle yourself on the road at all times and stay alert for other drivers who may not see you coming. 

Preparing for the Worst

Arizona Motorcycle Accident an Intersections: Case Study of Hunsaker v. SmithIt’s good to know your bike and how it handles, so if an emergency arises on a busy road, you will be able to react quickly before another vehicle comes along and hits you head-on. It can be practicing swerving in an open field or parking lot to make sure that you are aware of the limitations of your bike.

The best way to avoid a motorcycle accident is by knowing how to handle yourself on the road at all times, but it’s also important that you take steps like wearing protective gear. This means not only donning a helmet if you’re not already but also wearing protective clothing like boots and gloves. If you want to be safe on the road, it’s not enough that your bike is working well. You should always take steps to protect yourself.

It’s essential to look at motorcycle accident statistics before hitting the open roads if you’re new to riding or an experienced rider who needs to brush up on their skills. You can find these statistics online or talk to someone in the know about motorcycle safety.

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