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What is my TBI Case Worth in Arizona?

By Karnas Law Firm |

brain | karnas law firmOne of the most devastating injuries a person can acquire is a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the effects of which can last a lifetime. A TBI can have a reaching effect on everyone in the family as the individual may never be able to fend for themselves again. Although no monetary amount can make up for having to suffer this severe injury, any individual injured as a result of a third party’s negligence has the right to recover compensation.

What Can I Pursue Compensation for After a TBI?

stressed | karnas law firmThe severity of each TBI case varies, which means that the compensation can differ depending on the specific case. The liable party is responsible for compensating you for your injuries as well as the numerous other accident-related damages.

Some of the most common recoverable damages in a TBI case include:


  • Medical expenses (including future expenses)
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of ability to earn an income
  • Total or partial disability
  • Costs of retaining a caregiver
  • Legal fees
  • Loss of consortium

In some instances, a person can also receive compensation for punitive damages. If the at-fault party in a malicious, grossly negligent, or reckless manner, the victim might push for further compensation. Punitive damages essentially punish the at-fault party further to discourage them from behaving similarly in the future.

Traumatic Brain Injury Claim Value

pills | karnas law firmAn injured person should actively work with a skilled attorney to ensure that they receive as much compensation as they need. Personal injury lawyers who have experience with these types of cases know how TBI can impact someone and their loved ones. They can also use any documentation from the accident and injury to recover the maximum compensation available.

A knowledgeable attorney can pursue the following course of action in pursuit of fair compensation for their client:

  • Thoroughly review the person’s medical records to determine how severe their TBI is and in what ways it has changed their life.
  • Determine whether the individual will require ongoing treatment or medical care to lead a functional life.
  • Interview the individual’s family members, friends, and coworkers to determine how the injury has affected their lives.
  • Examine how the injury has affected the individual’s ability to work and earn a steady income.

All of these actions are vital in helping an attorney value your traumatic brain injury claim. Ensure that your personal injury claim is placed in careful hands by acquiring the services of Karnas Law Firm. We have over 25 years of experience helping those injured as a result of a third-party’s negligence recover the funds they are rightfully owed. No matter if the responsible party in your case is a private individual or corporate entity; we are here to fight for you. Contact our Tucson office 24/7 at (520) 571-9700 for a free case evaluation.