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Why Out of State Visitors Should Hire a Local Personal Injury Attorney

By Karnas Law Firm |

Arizona draws more than 30 million visitors each year, with Phoenix pulling in about 19 million of them. Our state is a draw for those people seeking warm weather in the winter, as well as business travelers arriving for a convention or meeting. While here, some of them will get hurt in accidents.

If you were injured, you might be tempted to wait until you get back home to hire a lawyer, possibly someone you have worked with before. We believe this is a mistake. Instead, you should hire an Arizona attorney to shepherd your personal injury claim toward completion. A lawyer provides many advantages that could prove critical in your claim. Below, our Phoenix personal injury lawyer gives five reasons you should contact a local attorney to represent you.

Easier Access to Evidence

If your accident happened here, then most of the evidence will be here. We have helped people hurt in:

  • Car crashes
  • Truck accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Premises liability claims
  • Negligent security claims
  • Dog attacks

The most important evidence is usually here at the accident scene. For example, you could have been struck by a motorist on the road while driving a rental car. Your attorney might need to inspect both vehicles to see defects or study the full extent of damage. Gaining access to the cars is much easier to do if a lawyer lives here.

The same principle applies to slip and falls, negligent security, and premises liability cases. A local attorney could go to a hotel to inspect and photograph the premises if a defect injured you. We can also document the lack of security at a business. If you hire a lawyer back home, they will need to travel to Arizona to collect this evidence, or they will need to hire an investigator, which some lawyers might refuse to do.

Knowledge of Arizona Insurance Companies

Over 90% of personal injury cases settle. You will benefit from the knowledge a local attorney has for how Arizona insurance companies negotiate.

At Karnas Law Firm, PLLC, we have sat across the table from most of the state’s prominent insurers. We know how they value claims and what evidence they find persuasive. We also know when they can afford to pay more in compensation but are holding out.

An outside attorney might never have negotiated with an Arizona company, so there is a risk they settle for too little compensation. Rely on our deep experience to maximize the amount of your settlement.

Ability to Represent You in Court

If you cannot settle, you will probably need to litigate a personal injury claim in court. Only a lawyer with an Arizona bar license can represent you in state court. Out-of-state lawyers would need permission from a judge to be temporarily admitted, which is a hassle.

We also know the state’s rules of evidence and civil procedure, as well as local court rules. We can use this information to your advantage. Arizona law is different from the law of California or Ohio or Vermont, so an outside attorney would need time to catch up. We can hit the ground running as soon as we are hired.

If you end up having a lawsuit, it will likely be held here, where the accident happened. There is no reason not to have local counsel represent you.

More Efficient Representation

We are so familiar with Arizona personal injury law that we never need an extension to learn it. Instead, we can provide effective and efficient representation. Arizona law has its own unique wrinkles on certain issues, like causation, which we know about because we have practiced law in our state for decades. This type of familiarity is impossible for an outside attorney to replicate.

Ease of Communication

You might want to hire an attorney who lives near you for quick access and communication. Today, however, our firm can easily stay in touch with anyone around the nation remotely using email, Zoom, or another method.

Communication is essential to the attorney-client relationship. However, living down the road from your lawyer isn’t much of an advantage. Few lawyers will meet if you drop into the office physically unannounced.

We Can Help Anyone Injured in an Arizona Accident

After receiving medical care, one of your first calls should be to a Phoenix personal injury attorney. We can meet with you at the hospital to discuss your case. Even if you have returned home after the accident, it’s not too late to pick up the phone and call.