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An Ultimate Guide Into Medical Negligence Claims Time Limit

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 13, 2021

It can be disheartening to develop more problems from the medical treatment you thought would help you. Some things are beyond your control as a patient; hence all you can do is seek justice through the courts. The issue of compensation usually is the main aim for such moves. A medical claim will help in…

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Comparative Negligence in Arizona | Karnas Law Firm

Tips on Proving Medical Negligence

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 12, 2021

It feels painful to encounter a medical negligence incidence! What can be more hurting is when you realize how hard it is to prove the act of malpractice or negligence! When planning to file a case against a particular doctor or health facility, understand the proper routes to follow. This brings a fair chance of…

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man dealing with a car accident

Afraid of Car Accidents? Here Is What to Do If You Are in One

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 11, 2021

Car accidents happen. It is a fact most of us tend to forget. We all assume that we are perfect drivers and we can never get into an accident. However, the statistics tell a different story, and you are likely to get into a crash at some point in your life. A traffic accident is…

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Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents?

Unreported Car Accidents in Tucson

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 10, 2021

As it is the law in most places, any driver involved in a car accident must notify the local authorities. It is vital to report car accidents resulting in death, injury, or severe damage to the vehicles involved. Unreported car accidents can have significant implications, especially when it comes to filing a claim. Regardless, there…

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3 Major Examples of Medical Negligence Cases

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 9, 2021

When we talk of medical negligence cases, what is the exact meaning? In the simplest terms, it implies a situation where a doctor fails to exercise reasonable action in the service delivery. This often brings significant negative consequences on a patient hence attracting legal procedures against the medic or hospital. Over the years, there have…

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Is it Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

Experienced Gross Medical Negligence? Here’s What To Do

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 8, 2021

Have you lately been subject to medical malpractice? Has the medical negligence even brought some significant consequences on your health? Would you wish to find justice against gross medical negligence? If yes, this is high time to file for a medical negligence lawsuit. For the case to be successful, get the proper legal assistance. Finding…

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Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents?

4 Elements of Medical Negligence

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 7, 2021

We all run to the healthcare services when we fall sick. We hope to come out of such facilities with better medical states. Unfortunately, we sometimes end up developing more complications due to medical malpractices. A doctor ought to stick to the medical standard of care as doing otherwise is the source of all problems.…

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car in a rear-end crash

Plane Accidents vs. Car Accidents Statistics

By Karnas Law Firm | Aug 6, 2021

Between plane and car travels, which ones are safer? This is a question which rings in many people’s minds and has attracted a lot of research and analysis. Generally, cruising in a jet at a supersonic speed seems dangerous than driving to a nearby grocery store. The shocker is, air travels are way safer than…

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Ryan v. State: The Abolition of Broad Tort Immunity | karnas law firm

How to start a medical negligence claim

By Karnas Law Firm | Jul 21, 2021

Although medical negligence is rare in an advanced healthcare system, it does happen sometimes. Medical negligence might be life-threatening, and you will deserve compensation if you are a victim of wrongful medical procedures. However, getting reasonable compensation by yourself might be difficult, and you can hire Tucson medical negligence lawyers who are experienced in dealing…

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