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Notice of Claims Against Arizona Public Entities

An Arizona civil action begins with filing a complaint with the superior court. Generally, the injured party does not need to provide the defendant with any advanced notice of the lawsuit prior to filing the Complaint. However, before filing a claim against a public entity, an injured person must provide the public entity with advanced…

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Who Can Sue For Wrongful Death in Tucson, AZ?

Wrongful death claims are made against a person who can be held liable for the death of another. A wrongful death constitutes that a fatality must be caused by some form of negligence. Examples of negligence are an auto collision caused by another driver or medical malpractice.  How Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Work? Wrongful…

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Tucson, Arizona Medical Payments Insurance Coverage

Many people in an accident are worried about medical expenses. Medical Payment (MedPay) insurance coverage is here to alleviate this anxiety.  Rather than coming out of pocket, MedPay insurance coverage can cover procedures not covered by basic auto or health insurance. Here’s why you should carry MedPay as part of your auto insurance. What Does…

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Major Insurance Law Change in Tucson, AZ Coming in 2020!

Here at Karnas Law Firm, we are welcoming the news that the minimum limits of Arizona liability coverage to protect accident victims is increasing. We are counting down the days to July 1, 2020. An updated 25/50/15 model is to replace the old minimum policy of 15/30/10.  On June 14, Governor Doug Ducey signed into…

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Arizona Dram Shop Laws

There are a few holidays that Americans love to celebrate. Bars, restaurants, and cafes host many special events on those days, encouraging get-togethers between friends and coworkers to boost sales. Unfortunately, this revelry can also be dangerous. Drawing crowds to get intoxicated sometimes leads to a spike in arrests and car accidents involving DUIs. Restaurants…

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