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Surprising Pieces of Evidence in Car Accident Cases

The central focus of car accident cases is fault. The driver who is at fault for a crash must pay compensation to those injured in the wreck. Unsurprisingly, fault is often in dispute following a crash. In fact, disputes around fault are the primary reason that car accident cases cannot settle. You point the finger…

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Recovering from a Low-Speed Car Accident

Often, when people think of a car accident, they imagine a high-speed collision, with catastrophic impact. While this does describe a lot of crashes, far more qualify as low-speed, low-impact collisions. Just because they occur at low speeds does not, however, mean that these kinds of crashes should be taken lightly, as they can still…

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Reporting an Arizona Car Accident to the Police

Most people know that there are a lot of benefits to calling the police after a car accident. Law enforcement officers can, for instance, make sure that all the cars are safely moved out of the roadway, can help injured parties obtain emergency medical help, and can start an investigation into the cause of the…

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Arizona Car Accident Statistics

In a recent report, the Arizona Department of Transportation estimated that there were 98,778 car accidents in the state in 2020 alone. Around 28,610 of these crashes resulted in injury and 970 proved to be fatal to one or more of the parties involved. Having a thorough understanding of these statistics can go a long…

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What Happens If You Get Into a Car Accident While Visiting Tucson?

Car crashes happen every day in our region. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports that there were 98,778 motor vehicle collisions in the state in 2020 alone. While getting into a serious accident is always stressful, the situation can be especially complicated and confusing if you are involved in a wreck while on vacation…

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How Do Truck Accidents Differ from Car Accidents?

It is easy to assume that because truck accidents and car crashes both happen on Tucson’s roads and highways, that the two are similar. Truthfully, though, truck accidents vastly differ from car crashes on the road. The aftermath of a truck accident is much more complex, the injuries are more severe, and different laws apply.…

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Is Brake Checking Legal in Arizona?

Most drivers in Arizona have seen a vehicle in front of them slam on their brakes suddenly. Maybe you have even done it yourself. Sometimes, applying the brakes in such a quick manner is necessary to avoid an accident. Other times, though, it is done to send a signal to other drivers, and it may…

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Why Tucson, AZ Car Accident Claims Go to Trial

Motor vehicle collisions are among the leading causes of death and disability in the US, and the data reveals how the risk of car accidents impacts Arizona motorists. The Arizona Department of Transportation (AZ DOT) reports that there are almost 130,000 total crashes across the state annually, causing around 980 fatalities and injuring 53,800 people.…

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