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Auto Insurance Minimum Limits in Arizona Are Changing

In prior newsletters, we advised that the law regarding Minimum Limits auto insurance in Arizona was changing this July. KLAW has advocated for this change in minimum limits coverage since the first attempts to revise the law more than five years ago. The new law is now effective, and as of  July 1, 2020, the…

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Underage Drunk Driving in Tucson, AZ

Underage drinking is a major concern in the United States. Underage drinking is not only illegal, it’s also a major safety concern. In the United States, one out of three fatal car accidents is caused by a drunk driver between the age of 16-20.  Underage drunk driving has become an increasingly serious safety concern because…

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7 Tips for Driving Alongside Semi-Trucks

Among the most serious of all road accidents are those that involve commercial trucks. Collisions with semis can have devastating effects due to the sheer size and weight of the vehicles. Accidents with them frequently result in very severe injuries and sometimes even death. There are certain things one should always do when on the…

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Arizona Bike Safety Guide

More and more people are riding their bikes to get around town throughout the country. The state of Arizona is no exception to this! While biking is a great way to navigate your city for many reasons, it’s important to ride safely. Although many drivers are cautious while sharing the roads with cyclists, there are…

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Arizona Cities Among Top 10 for Red Light Fatalities

According to new research, red light accidents are some of the deadliest in the United States. In fact, the National Coalition for Safer Roads reported that in 2013, around 127,000 people were injured by drivers who ran red lights, while 697 people were killed. Sadly, these accidents occur too frequently in Arizona. Arizona is one…

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