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Dangerous Products around Your Home

By Karnas Law Firm |

Few people realize how many injuries happen at home. Furniture, toys, and appliances can fail to work as expected, and injured family members can end up in the back of an ambulance headed to the emergency room. Each year, thousands of people suffer serious, life-altering injuries due to defective products.

At Karnas Law Firm, PLLC, we meet regularly with people injured by defective products around the house. They want to know whether they can obtain compensation for their injuries and the steps involved in the process. Please contact our Tucson dangerous products attorney to schedule a meeting. We can go over the facts surrounding your accident and then provide an overview of your legal rights.

Entertainment Systems

Many accidents are caused by entertainment systems. The challenge is that these items are usually tall and thin, which makes them unstable. Even worse, they are heavy, which means they can cause serious injuries when they overturn. Both the stand and a large television can land on a small child

According to the National Safety Council, there were 6,519 injuries of children aged 0-4 from televisions and stands. Children can suffer fractures, head injuries, eye injuries, and other complications.

Bureaus or Chests of Drawers

As with entertainment systems, these pieces of furniture are dangerous because they might tip over and land on someone, in particular children. Children might try to tug open a drawer, which only adds to the instability. Many bureaus come with brackets, but owners rarely use them to anchor the furniture to the wall.

Children’s Clothing

Clothing presents many challenges to children. For example, buttons might come off, which a child could swallow or choke on. Other clothing items are a danger of getting caught in the bars of a crib, leading to strangulation. Still other clothing might not pass fire safety standards, which means it could catch on fire.

Manufacturers regularly recall children’s clothing. For example, a manufacturer recently recalled children’s pajamas for violating flammability standards. Parents should stay abreast of all recalls and stop using any clothing that poses a known hazard.


Parents use highchairs to help with feeding children. The chair elevates the child and frees the parent from having to hold the child while feeding. Unfortunately, many highchairs are defectively designed or manufactured and are at risk of tipping over or collapsing. A child can go sprawling and suffer serious head or neck injuries in a fall.

Recently, Clark Associates recalled over 20,000 of the Lancaster Table & Seating Brand High Chairs because they were at risk of breaking.

Beds & Mattresses

According to the National Safety Council, beds and mattresses are the second most dangerous product in someone’s home. Both the very young (ages 0-4) and the elderly (65+) are at greatest risk of being hurt in an accident:

  • Unstable beds can collapse and send someone rolling to the floor.
  • Cribs can pose a choke hazard if a child gets its head stuck between the slats.
  • Children can eat pieces of a foam mattress and choke.
  • Mattresses can catch on fire and quickly lead to serious burns.

Manufacturers regularly recall defective beds once they become aware of accidents. You should never put a child to sleep in a crib that has been recalled.


Lithium batteries have received a lot of attention as being especially dangerous because they can catch on fire and either burn users or lead to a fire in a home. These batteries are used in a variety of products, including laptops, cellphones, and medical devices. Many people have no idea that their products contain lithium batteries.


Bookcases have a long history of tipping over, showering books all over anyone standing nearby. Young children can become trapped under a bookcase. We recommend that people use the bracket to brace the case to the wall, decreasing the risk of an accident.

Air Fryers

These products have increased in popularity. Air frying is a healthier way to cook up some crispy food. Unfortunately, many of them can malfunction and lead to burn injuries or electrocution. To increase safety, remember to read the directions and keep them nearby for reference whenever you use this machine.

Contact Our Dangerous Products Attorney for Assistance

If a defective product has injured you or your family, we can help. Manufacturers are often legally liable when their dangerous product ends up hurting a consumer, but few manufacturers are eager to pay fair compensation. Contact Karnas Law Firm, PLLC today to speak with our legal team about your injuries and the odds of a financial recovery.