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Medical Payments Insurance Coverage

Medical Payments Insurance CoverageMany people in an accident are worried about medical expenses. Medical Payment (MedPay) insurance coverage is here to alleviate this anxiety. 

Rather than coming out of pocket, MedPay insurance coverage can cover procedures not covered by basic auto or health insurance. Here’s why you should carry MedPay as part of your auto insurance.

What Does MedPay Cover?

MedPay is an auto insurance policy that covers health expenses caused by an accident. The coverage will help the policyholder regardless of who is at fault for an accident. It usually covers:

  • Hospital or doctor’s visits
  • Surgery
  • Ambulance fees
  • Rehabilitation
  • Some medical equipment
  • and funerals. 

How Does MedPay Work on Auto Insurance?

Unlike most policies, MedPay will remain active when you are walking as a pedestrian, using public transportation, or riding in someone else’s vehicle.

When looking at MedPay coverage, do not consider how much health insurance will provide in the event of an accident. MedPay is available even if you do or do not have health insurance. MedPay’s coverage is one of the least expensive add-ons to your auto insurance policy.

Experienced Car Accident Attorneys in Arizona

Here at Karnas Law Firm, we recommend our clients carry MedPay in their auto insurance policy. If you are stuck paying for medical expenses relating to a car accident, call us anytime.

The car accident lawyers at Karnas Law Firm are here to help you recover the maximum amount available for all associated damages. With more than 25 years of experience representing injured accident victims in Arizona, we understand the stress of being injured as a result of a third party’s negligence. Our team can lift the burden of settling a personal injury claim from your shoulders and relentlessly fight for fair compensation. 

 We are available in Tucson at (520) 338-1641 or at our Yuma location at (928) 550-8020. You can also email Olivia Gaxiola at to set up an appointment. 

Our attorneys are known as some of the top lawyers in the business and have received accolades such as Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Lawyers and Top 100 Trial Lawyers. We are also Lead Counsel rated. 

To get started on your case, contact us today for a free case evaluation. We look forward to talking to you soon.

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