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Most Common Car Accident Injuries

By Karnas Law Firm |

Other than causing extensive damage to your vehicle, a car accident can result in severe injuries to any part of your body. Some of the injuries sustained might not be immediately apparent, which is why seeking medical attention right after an accident is extremely important. 

The most common car accident injuries can impact various areas of the body, and diagnoses can include:

  •   Whiplash

In a car wreck, the forces at work will make your body move in directions it was not planned to; at a velocity, it should not. If you have pain or irritation in your back and neck following an accident, you most likely have whiplash.

It is caused by ligament and muscle strains. Whiplash can be debilitating and take weeks to heal, but it rarely causes long-term damage by itself.

  •   Back/Neck Injuries

The extreme, sudden impact which your body experiences during an accident, similar to whiplash, can cause significant damage to your body that is not instantly evident. It may result in ruptures in your spine or disc herniations, resulting in extreme pain and a restricted range of motion.

If the pain lasts more than a few days, and you have a history of back or neck injuries or complications, visit a healthcare professional. Although these injuries are not necessarily long-lasting, they do take longer to recover.

  •   Traumatic Brain Injury

Car accidents can be life-changing. A traumatic brain injury can alter how your brain works, how it processes information, and how it expresses emotions. Although you may treat brain injury to some extent, it can be a lifelong process based on the nature and magnitude of harm.

  •   Broken Bones

Left Turns at Intersections: Negligence Per Se Under A.R.S. section 28-772 | Karnas Law FirmAn accident will cause your body to collide with other parts of the car, putting your skeleton under strain it cannot handle. This can happen in various ways.

Your arm can be trapped between your body and the car’s frame, fracturing it. Alternatively, the force with which your seatbelt is released may fracture any of your ribs.

Broken bones are a prevalent injury that seldom results in lasting or life-changing consequences. Nevertheless, other fractures can necessitate surgery to aid in the healing process. You can need a month or two of rehabilitation and rest, depending on the type of fracture. But if your care goes well, you should be back to work in no time.

  •   Internal Injuries

Your internal organs are highly fragile. They can be damaged and bleed as a result of the impacts of an auto collision. High-speed accidents are notorious for causing severe internal injuries. They must be addressed as soon as possible so that they do not endanger your life.

  •  Contusions/Bruising

Even small auto accidents can result in bruises. For instance, an accident will force you into your safety belt, which, while protecting you from serious injury, will leave you bruised for a few days afterward. Bruises are seldom severe injuries that necessitate immediate treatment, and they usually recover in a week or two.

How Can A Car Accident Attorney Help?

Following a car accident, the victim is often overwhelmed by unexpected medical bills, property damage, and other related expenses such as lost wages.

In addition to the injuries, he/she may experience emotional trauma. During this time is when the services of a skilled Car Accident Attorney come in handy.

Your lawyer will navigate the legal maze on your behalf — including filing your claim, negotiation talks, investigating your case, and more — to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact Karnas Law Firm at (520) 214-8343 or (928) 723-0088 to schedule a consultation with their experienced attorneys and to learn more about your legal options.

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