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Steps to Take After a Tucson Car Accident

By Karnas Law Firm |

semi | karnas law firmOn average, over 300 car accidents take place each day on Arizona roadways. Many of these lead to horrific consequences for survivors who suffer severe injuries. Too often, these wounds never fully heal and require lifelong treatment. If you are involved in a Tucson car accident, there are several steps you should take immediately afterward to secure your well-being and your future.

When Should I Seek Medical Care After an Accident?

crutches | karnas law firmSerious car accidents require the immediate attention of medical personnel. If apparent injuries are present, call for emergency help right away. Dial 9-1-1 to get police and emergency medical staff on the scene. At times, it may seem that no one is hurt or has only suffered minor injuries. In these instances, it is best to seek medical care as soon as possible just to be safe. An unexpected and sudden event like a car accident can leave you in shock and hide threatening internal injuries and head trauma.

Do I Need to File a Police Report after a Car Accident?

police | karnas law When the police arrive at the accident scene, they will ask drivers, passengers, and witnesses questions about the accident. Police are required to record this information; however, you are not required to disclose more than the facts of the crash. You should cooperate with the investigation but never admit fault. There may be circumstances that contributed to the accident that you are not aware of, and your admission of guilt could be used against you in a legal setting.

How Should I Document a Car Accident in Tucson?

If you can take detailed notes and photographs of the accident scene and the aftermath of the accident, you are urged to do so as this will help investigators determine who is liable. Above all, be sure to take note of:

  • The other driver’s name, address, phone number, license plate number, insurance information, driver’s license number, and vehicle.
  • The contact information of all passengers and witnesses.
  • The names and badge numbers of all police involved.
  • The police report number

Also, be sure to obtain a copy of the accident report and take pictures of vehicle damage, road conditions, and any injuries those involved sustained. This information can support your claim with the insurance company.

How Can Experienced Tucson Car Accident Lawyers Help?

gavel | karnas law firmArizona auto insurance operates under a “fault” system, which provides drivers several options for handling claims. Drivers may file with their own insurance company, the at-fault driver’s company, or they may file a personal injury lawsuit in court for damages. At Karnas Law Firm, our Tucson car crash attorneys can make you aware of the best course of action for your unique situation. We handle all communications with insurance companies while you focus on your recovery. We are also thoroughly prepared to take your case to court.

Our attorneys are seasoned negotiators who know that insurance companies try to settle claims quickly by offering a low sum that is usually nowhere near the amount you need to cover the many expenses that follow a car accident. With our help, we can try to recover the monetary compensation you deserve by law for:

  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • And more

Karnas Law Firm employs compassionate and determined car accident lawyers who will help you understand the full scope of your legal rights and options. We will launch our own investigation to gain a complete understanding of the accident to build a strong case and establish the full value of your injuries and other losses. Our attorneys will keep you in the loop every step of the way and make it easy for you to manage our efforts while you focus on your recovery.

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