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How To Determine Fault In A Car Accident Involving A Bicycle In Arizona?

By Karnas Law Firm | Apr 19, 2022

Being involved in an accident as a bicyclist is terrifying. Bicycle accidents are extremely dangerous and can result in fatal injuries. At the office of the Karnas Law Firm, PLLC, we are passionate about helping injured cyclists navigate the claims process and seek compensation for their harm. If you have been involved in an accident…

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How Can I Find Out More About A Car Accident In Tucson, Arizona Today?

By Karnas Law Firm | Apr 19, 2022

While car accidents are a leading cause of injury in Tucson, there’s nothing “normal” feeling about being involved in a crash. On the contrary, you may feel overwhelmed about the experience, your injuries, how to file a claim, how to learn more about your car accident report, and how to recover the compensation to which…

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What Are the Typical Car Accident Settlements?

By Karnas Law Firm | Apr 1, 2022

When you get into a car accident that is someone else’s responsibility, you may have the grounds to file a claim so you can receive compensation for any damages. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Most car accident settlements will fall within a specific range. Still, the final amount you receive…

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Who Is Liable In An Uber Car Accident?

By Karnas Law Firm | Mar 31, 2022

A car accident is always a scary experience. But it can be even more frightening when it’s with an Uber. In most cases, an Uber driver is just trying to make some extra money on the side. But when something goes wrong, and there’s an accident, they can be held liable in a way that…

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All You Need To Know About Self-Driving Car Accident

By Karnas Law Firm | Mar 30, 2022

There have been many talks lately about self-driving cars and their potential to change the way we get around them. But as with any new technology, some risks need to be considered. Recently, a self-driving car accident in Arizona raised serious questions about these vehicles and their safety. It’s still early days for self-driving cars,…

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Age Group Causes Most Car Accidents

How To Avoid a Car Accident by Driving Safely In Inclement Weather

By Karnas Law Firm | Mar 29, 2022

Accidents happen every day, but they can be much more dangerous when inclement weather is involved. Inclement weather refers to severe or extreme weather conditions, such as rain, snow, hail, high winds, and thunderstorms. These conditions can make it difficult for drivers to see and lead to dangerous road conditions. When an accident occurs in…

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Car Accidents and Chiropractic Care

Key Actions To Take After a Rental Car Accident

By Karnas Law Firm | Mar 28, 2022

If you are involved in a rental car accident in Tucson, Arizona, there are vital actions you need to take to protect yourself and the rental company. As you take your legal measures, it’s fundamental to find a reliable car accident lawyer. Here are the most important steps to follow. Assess the Situation The first…

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When to Contact An Eyewitness To An Auto Accident

By Karnas Law Firm | Mar 27, 2022

In Tucson, Arizona, like in other places, eyewitness accounts are often significant in the event of an auto accident. They can provide crucial details that additional evidence cannot, like what happened before and after a collision, who was at fault, or how fast one driver was going. But eyewitnesses might not accurately remember what they…

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How Often Do Auto Accident Settlements Exceed the Policy Limits?

By Karnas Law Firm | Mar 26, 2022

When it comes to car accidents, many people automatically think of the potential for serious injury. And while that is certainly a valid concern, another major issue that often arises in these situations is insurance claims and settlements. In particular, how often do they exceed the policy limits? Multiple At-Fault Drivers There may be more…

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