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The Top 5 Most Common Bones Broken in Tucson, AZ Car Accidents

By Karnas Law Firm | Oct 13, 2020

The aftermath of a car accident can be beyond devastating, especially on the human body. The impact forces involved in a collision could cause mild to severe damage to your soft tissues, muscles, or ligaments. They could also fracture or break bones. In this article, we outline the top 5 most common bones broken in…

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What Is the Leading Cause of Teenage Car Accidents in Tucson, AZ?

By Karnas Law Firm | Oct 13, 2020

On average, car accident injuries kill approximately 6 teenagers every day in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this makes auto accidents the leading cause of teenage fatalities. The repercussions of these accidents can include severe injury, extensive property damage, death, or legal lawsuits. As teenagers are not considered…

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Dog Bites in Arizona: A Strict Liability Tort

By Karnas Law Firm | Oct 5, 2020

It is common rhetoric that dogs are “man’s best friend”. Despite this adage, dogs occasionally bite adults and children. What happens if you are bitten by a dog and injured? For example, what if the dog had never bitten anyone before? Is the owner still liable if he or she had no reason to believe…

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Ryan v. State: The Abolition of Broad Tort Immunity for Government Entities and Employees in Tucson, AZ

By Karnas Law Firm | Oct 4, 2020

Qualified immunity is a judicially created doctrine that shields certain government officials and entities from liability for some tort actions. However, the doctrine of qualified immunity does not insulate government officials and entities from all liability. This has not always been the case. At one point in Arizona’s history, public entities and employees were protected…

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Failing to Turn Left from A Two-Way Left Turn Lane in Tucson, AZ

By Karnas Law Firm | Oct 3, 2020

In our last blog post, we discussed how drivers often impermissibly use Two-Way Left-Turn Lanes as express lanes and passing lanes. You can find that blog post here. However, A.R.S. 28-751 also dictates that when a Two-Way Left Turn Lane is present, drivers must use it in order to turn left. In part, A.R.S. 28-751…

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Impermissible Use of Two-Way Turn Lanes as Express or Passing Lanes in Tucson, AZ

By Karnas Law Firm | Oct 2, 2020

In Arizona, drivers frequently encounter a center turning lane that separates the flow of traffic heading in opposite directions. Sometimes, the center turning lane will only be available to traffic heading in one direction. However, many center lanes are “Two-Way Turn Lanes” and allow drivers heading in both directions to use the lane to make…

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Notice of Claims Against Arizona Public Entities

By Karnas Law Firm | Oct 1, 2020

An Arizona civil action begins with filing a complaint with the superior court. Generally, the injured party does not need to provide the defendant with any advanced notice of the lawsuit prior to filing the Complaint. However, before filing a claim against a public entity, an injured person must provide the public entity with advanced…

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Auto Insurance Minimum Limits in Arizona Are Changing

By Karnas Law Firm | Jul 30, 2020

In prior newsletters, we advised that the law regarding Minimum Limits auto insurance in Arizona was changing this July. KLAW has advocated for this change in minimum limits coverage since the first attempts to revise the law more than five years ago. The new law is now effective, and as of July 1, 2020, the…

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Arizona Now Under Stay-At-Home Order as COVID-19 Cases Start Rising

By Karnas Law Firm | Apr 9, 2020

After a reluctance in March to ask Arizona businesses to close, Gov. Doug Ducey finally issued a stay-at-home order on March 31 to help slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Gov. Ducey’s executive order, “Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay connected,” asks Arizonans to limit their time away from their home. People can still go…

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