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Does Health Insurance Cover Injuries From Car Accidents?

By Karnas Law Firm |

Does Health Insurance Cover Injuries From Car Accidents?

A car collision is a nightmare for any driver. As a result of the property damage and physical discomfort, you will have to negotiate with car insurance companies. This encompasses both your own insurance as well as that of the other party involved.

In Arizona, all drivers should bear liability insurance to cover medical bills and car damage repairs if they find themselves at fault. But, does health insurance cover injuries from car accidents?

Understand What Your Insurance Plan Covers

Does Health Insurance Cover Injuries From Car Accidents?Typically, your liability insurance will not cater to all of your injuries. You have some options for paying for hospital bills. For instance, if the other party is at fault, their liability insurance can compensate you. Alternatively, your health insurance might be able to offset the expense of your injuries.

Scrutinize both your auto and health insurance plans carefully to determine which type of insurance would cover what. Car accidents are classified as secondary coverage by some health insurance companies. Until the car insurance cap is reached, these plans will not cover the medical expenses.

Do You Still Have to Cover Costs Regardless of Bearing Health Insurance?

In most cases, whether or not anything is covered is determined by the terms of the health insurance policy. Injured auto collision victims may also be required to pay certain fees based on the circumstances, including:

Does Health Insurance Cover Injuries From Car Accidents?

  • Any mandatory co-payments under their health insurance policy.
  • Deductible rates under their health insurance policy.
  • Costs and charges that are not usually covered by the insurance policy.

Examples of costs and charges that are not generally covered by insurance include supplementary or alternative treatment measures used to treat serious injuries such as paralysis. By filing a claim against the at-fault driver or their insurance company, the personal injury victims can obtain compensation for these out-of-pocket expenses in these situations.

The Next Steps for You

To ensure you heal financially and physically from an automobile accident, the best counsel is to be informed and understand what to do. Take into account what you will lose if you are seriously hurt in a car accident or if you cause bodily harm.Does Health Insurance Cover Injuries From Car Accidents?

Determine the type of coverage, which will adequately protect you. If you ever have questions about whether health insurance covers car accident injuries, you should speak with a lawyer about the best choices.

It is recommended that you get in touch with an attorney if:

  • You have a dispute with a corporation or insurance provider.
  • You suspect insurance fraud.
  • You think you were handled unethically or unfairly by an insurance adjuster.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Note that insurance companies are always more concerned about their gains compared to your recovery. Getting an accomplished attorney to advocate for your interests is often the only route to bypass their red tape. A car accident attorney will fight relentlessly to ensure that you obtain total compensation. 

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