Pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accidents can result in catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death that have life-changing impacts on the victim. Given the rising pedestrian accidents in Phoenix, drivers must exercise care while driving. Like any other type of personal injury case, pedestrian accidents have regulations that guide their legal process. If you or your loved one have sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident, you could be liable for compensation.

This would be the case, especially if another person’s negligence caused the accident. However, to get the compensation you deserve, you will need the help of experienced personal injury law firm. At Karnas Law Firm, we have skilled Phoenix pedestrian accident lawyers who understand all of the pedestrian accidents laws.

Besides, they know how to file lawsuits and present a strong case in court against both the insurance company and the responsible party if needed. You don’t have to suffer due to another person’s negligence and carelessness. If you or your loved one has sustained injuries after being hit by a truck, car, motorcycle, or bus, our attorneys are ready to represent you in your pedestrian accident case.

We will help you take the necessary legal steps to get the compensation you deserve. Our Phoenix car accident attorneys have a solid track record and have seen injured victims receive millions of dollars in financial compensation.

Why Hire a Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Man crossing the street while pushing a man in a wheel chair

So, why would you consider hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer for your personal injury cases? One, an attorney will enlighten you on pedestrian rights as per the local and state laws. They will point you to your rights and explain which ones were violated in the accident you were involved in.

Without sufficient knowledge, you might not know who was liable for your serious injuries. This significantly reduces the chances of compensation. Without pinpointing the culprit, you won’t have anybody to blame for your injuries. Thankfully, an attorney will provide you with crucial information regarding the accident.

For instance, they will tell you who is responsible for your injuries. In some cases, you might have more parties to hold responsible than the driver. For instance, if you were knocked down by a company truck, you can hold the company responsible. An attorney has the legal knowledge, experience, and skills to go after bigger parties. They will also help you build a strong case.

In addition, a pedestrian accident attorney helps you secure fair compensation. Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, especially if you don’t have an attorney. They might take advantage of your inexperience and offer you mediocre compensation.

Most pedestrian accident cases in Phoenix are fault-based; you must provide evidence before getting compensated. Insurance companies will build a strong defense that could bully you into accepting subpar compensation. This won’t be the case when working with Phoenix pedestrian accident attorneys at Karnas Law Firm. They have been in the field long enough and know how to get the best deal for you.

Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of getting compensation, you should work with a Phoenix pedestrian accident attorney. They ensure that your rights are protected at all times! Call us today for a free consultation!

What a Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Can Do To Help

After being involved in a pedestrian accident, you have a lot going on. From seeking medical attention to filing a lawsuit, all these activities can be overwhelming. An attorney’s first job is taking up some of these responsibilities and relieving you from anxiety and fear regarding your case.

The Phoenix pedestrian accident attorneys at Karnas Law Firm are compassionate, friendly, and caring. They will have a candid conversation with you and understand how the accident changed your life. Thanks to their compassionate nature, they will know every detail of damages caused by the accident and the compensation you deserve.

By doing so, they are able to explain the impact of the accident to the judge and jury at large. This goes a long way in strengthening your case. There are many ways a lawyer can help; some of them include:

  • Filing the Case: You don’t have a chance of compensation if you don’t file a case. An attorney will file your case with the right civil court. They know the legal process and will file the case based on the value of your claim. Victims that choose to work without an attorney risk claim delays because they don’t have all the application requirements. An attorney will ensure your claim is filed on time as they know all the requirements. Besides, an accident attorney will ensure your case meets Arizona’s two-year statute of limitations. This is a complex legal matter that needs professional knowledge.
  • Investigating the Accident: An attorney can also help by investigating the accident. They will return to the scene of the accident and collect all the available evidence. For you to win any case, you need sufficient evidence. Therefore, investigating the scene of the collision will go a long way in helping your case. Factors such as malfunctioning crosswalk signals, poorly designed intersections, and invisible stop signs could be the evidence your case needs. Our attorneys at Karnas Law Firm know how to investigate an accident and always obtain the necessary evidence. Remember that insurance companies need sufficient evidence before agreeing to settle.
  • Interpreting Laws: When multiple parties are at fault for the accident, states have unique laws regarding handling the claim. You must know how to respond to allegations of comparative fault because they can be pretty damning. Such cases also reduce the compensation you receive. With a personal injury lawyer, you can respond to this kind of defense. This is because they have the necessary experience to navigate such cases.
  • Compensation Negotiations: As mentioned earlier, compensation negotiations need a professional attorney. In these negotiations, both parties meet to chat about the best way forward. A claims adjuster is present to take in all the crucial details during the negotiations. An attorney is keen enough not to give away any information that could hurt your odds of compensation. Besides, the attorney can find out how much the at-fault driver has on their policy and whether it can cover all the damages. This information helps attorneys get you the highest compensation available.

A Phoenix pedestrian accident attorney takes care of every legal aspect in your battle for justice. No matter your current position in the legal pursuit, an attorney will step in, get all the necessary information, build a strong case, and get you the compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t allow another person’s negligence to ruin your life and do nothing about it.

The attorneys at Karnas Law Firm have everything required to put up a strong pedestrian accident claim. Our track in Phoenix speaks for itself. We have taken on major established insurance companies in Arizona and won lucrative settlements and verdicts for our clients. With us, you can almost be sure of excellent compensation.

Phoenix Pedestrian Laws

With the increasing rate of pedestrian accidents in Phoenix, it is vital to protect yourself. The best way to do so is to understand and follow pedestrian laws. By obeying the law, you save yourself from dangerous situations that could result in accidents. You will also have limited interactions with motor vehicles.

Unfortunately, most residents don’t follow these rules. They make it difficult for drivers to predict their movements and end up knocking them down. Attorneys at Karnas Law Firm encourage you to adhere to every pedestrian law there is. If you don’t know any, here are some of the Phoenix pedestrian laws;

  • Yield Signs: If a walkway or road has the Yield to Pedestrians sign, all cars must stop completely to allow pedestrians to pass. This is the case whether the roads are marked crosswalks or not. It is safe to cross the road in places with yield signs, but you must ensure there is no oncoming traffic.
  • Intersections: Pedestrians can cross unmarked or marked intersections as long as it is safe. If there is no oncoming traffic, you can use the intersection. However, if the intersection has traffic control signs, you must wait for the “Walk” signal. Besides, you should only cross between two adjacent intersections to avoid accidents.
  • Crosswalks: In Arizona, pedestrians possess the right-of-way at marked crossroads. This means that pedestrians have the right to cross at marked crosswalks. However, pedestrians should ensure it is safe before crossing. There should be no oncoming traffic or speedy vehicles. In case a pedestrian is knocked down by a car on the crosswalks, they are entitled to compensation.

Seek the Services of a Qualified Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Attorney

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Having a conversation with one of our pedestrian accident lawyers will help you know about your legal options and rights. Attorneys have all the legal knowledge and will guide you on what to do. The dedicated Phoenix pedestrian accident attorneys at Karnas Law Firm have many years of experience in handling different types of accident claims in Arizona.

We know how to build a strong case and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Letting us represent your case will significantly increase your chances of a successful lawsuit. If you or your loved one has been involved in a pedestrian accident in Phoenix, contact Karnas Law Firm today.