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6 Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

By Karnas Law Firm |

In the United States, about 90 people are killed in car accidents every day, which translates to nearly 6 million accidents every year. While accidents are inevitable, most of them are the direct result of driver negligence, drugs, and failure to engage in safe driving practices. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced driver, practicing safe driving can help you prevent an accident.

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Steer clear of the fast lane

How Much Do Insurance Companies Pay for Car Accidents? | Karnas Law FirmDriving in the fast lane might portray you as an expert driver, but it will not prevent an accident when it catches you by surprise. No matter how experienced you are at driving, using the fast lane can increase your risk of getting involved in an accident. Avoid driving in the fast lane, but if you must, stay extremely alert.

Know how much your car can handle

An ordinary SUVs engine specifications significantly differ from those of top-of-the-line SUVs. When you are buying or renting a car, it is essential to study its braking system and how well it can maneuver curves. If you are not sure about your car’s threshold power, take it on a test drive in an abandoned place. That way, you will know how it will operate in a dangerous scenario.

Avoid driving at night

Failing to Turn Left from A Two-Way Left Turn Lane | Karnas Law FirmMotorists who prefer driving at night should have perfect night vision to avoid accidents. While you may be a skilled driver no matter the time of day or night, other motorists might not have the same privilege as you.

Only drive at night when it is unavoidable. If it is a must that you drive at night over a long distance, get a co-driver who is more experienced.

Make your safety belt your best friend

A safety belt in a driver’s world is more like a life vest for a swimmer. It restrains your body from feeling the heavy impact of an accident. Even if you are driving short distances, form the habit of wearing your seat belt correctly. Make sure other passengers do the same before you strike your ignition button.

Do not drive while under the influence

alcohol | karnas lawDrinking one bottle before hitting the road might look harmless, but you never know how much it can impair your judgment and delay your reaction capability. The primary reason why traffic police use alco-blow is to prevent motorists from risking the lives of others. If you plan to drink before driving, get a sober designated driver to take you home.

First-time offenders of driving under the influence face:

  • A minimum 10-day jail sentence
  • A $1,250 base fine
  • Undergoing an alcohol screening, education, and treatment
  • Equipping any vehicle they operate with a certified ignition interlock device
  • Performing community service

Focus on the road

While you may have exceptional multitasking skills, you can never underestimate how much damage distraction can cause when driving. Receiving a call, texting, or chatting with other passengers while driving is prohibited. Once you set your ignition key, avoid anything that may capture your attention when driving.

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