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ADHD And Car Accidents

By Karnas Law Firm |

Though many people have heard of ADHD, few understand it. Even more, misunderstood is the effect ADHD has on driving. Some with ADHD do great behind the wheel, but others are at a much higher risk for car accidents than those who don’t suffer from this disorder.

We often hear about how dangerous driving can be, and we tend to forget those who have trouble with it. The biggest problem is that people who don’t have ADHD generally don’t know how someone with ADHD would drive. If you get into an accident related to ADHD, you need to talk to a Tucson Accident Attorney.

ADHD And Car Accidents: The Statistics

The National Institute of Mental Health has estimated that 3% to 7.5% of American children have ADHD, although most ADHD cases go undiagnosed and unreported. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 4 million and 9 million children in America have ADHD. This disorder can affect a child’s educational performance and even result in difficulties at home.

In addition to children, between 3% and 5% of the population has ADHD in the United States. In other words, someone you know likely suffers from this disorder. Since many people with ADHD are undiagnosed or do not take medication, the number could be much higher.

Why Are Accidents More Prevalent Among People With ADHD?

ADHD makes it difficult for drivers to pay attention, stay calm in stressful situations, and follow the road rules. Driving requires a person to concentrate on all sorts of things at once: traffic lights, speed limits, other cars, and more. On top of that, drivers with ADHD might also struggle with impulsivity or poor planning. It is thus no surprise that drivers with ADHD are more likely to get in car accidents than those who do not suffer from the disorder.

You can narrow down the reason why people with ADHD might be at a higher risk for car accidents to three main factors:

Attention Problems

Drivers with ADHD have trouble concentrating on their driving. They might find it hard to stay focused on the road and surrounding cars. It is not surprising that drivers with ADHD often experience traffic accidents due to inattention. For example, these drivers might turn too soon or fail to check their blind spot when changing lanes.

Impulsivity And Poor Judgement

People with ADHD are more likely than those without the disorder to do something unsafe while driving. That’s because those with ADHD might act on impulse and drive too fast, tailgate another car or take other dangerous risks.

Difficulty Focusing And Staying Calm

Drivers with ADHD often have difficulty focusing and staying calm during highly stressful situations. The greater the stress they encounter while driving, the more distracted and agitated they are likely to become. This is why drivers with ADHD may be involved in road rage incidents or other kinds of aggressive behavior behind the wheel.

In summary, drivers with ADHD might be more likely to get into car accidents than those without the disorder. This is because of attention, impulsivity, and staying calm problems, they face while driving. People with ADHD should take extra precautions on the road and exercise patience with drivers who may not perform as well as others.

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