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An Ultimate Guide Into Medical Negligence Claims Time Limit

By Karnas Law Firm |

It can be disheartening to develop more problems from the medical treatment you thought would help you. Some things are beyond your control as a patient; hence all you can do is seek justice through the courts. The issue of compensation usually is the main aim for such moves.

A medical claim will help in stabilizing your financial position after the expenses brought by the misdiagnosis. When filing for the medical negligence claims, how soon should it be? Is there even a time limit to work by? We will find out.

When Should a Claim Process Begin?

reading | karnas law firmThese cases are typically sophisticated in all ways. It means only one thing, not wasting any time during the process. There are several benefits of this, including better evidence gathering.

There are two specific times when most people commence their claim processes. One of them is when the negligence occurred, and the second one realizes the problems emanate from the medical malpractice.

The best thing to do is make a move quickly to give your legal team enough time to act accordingly and do the investigations accurately. With swift action, it becomes effortless to get the medical reports and records. Besides, you never struggle in looking for witnesses as the memories are fresh to everyone.

Which are the Actual Time Limits?

What Is the Difference Between Semi-Truck and Car Accidents?The calculation of the time for the claim filing usually begins when the negligence took place. This extends to a period of three years. Generally, seeking help from a personal injury lawyer will serve you right. Going for the iconic law firms in the field is an excellent idea as they have teams of specialized attorneys in medical malpractice.

In Arizona, Tucson-based law companies understand the national and local regulations on medical negligence law. It makes your lawsuit have substance. However, you need to make a sound decision when choosing Tucson Medical Negligence Lawyers. Reliable law experts ensure that the claim process is promising. This is why some people prefer doing comprehensive background research on a law firm before approaching it.

As a Tucsonan, you may be filing for a claim on behalf of a loved one. A lawyer is a proper solution for you. This is because he or she will guide on the procedure to follow so that the defendant doesn’t outshine you in court. The limit, however, remains at three years even when filing for another party.

Are There Exceptions on the Time Limits?

Comparative Negligence in Arizona | Karnas Law FirmYes, some exceptions exist in the claim process. Specifically, it applies:

  • Only to children below the age of 18, whereby there is no limitation of time during this period.
    • After the eighteen birthday, the lime lapses after 3 years.
  • To the mentally-challenges adults.
    • It comes from their inability to make decisions on their own. It means, unless they regain their mental capacity, they have no time limits.

Claiming medical negligence is a sure way of restoring your financial strength. However, you need to make the process fast as the earlier, the higher the chances of success. The time limit for the filing stands at 3 years. This means after the time-lapse, the court cannot consider you. Exception on time limits applies to the mentally-retarded persons and children below 18 years. 

Contact an Experienced Attorney

If you experienced gross medical negligence, contact our experienced attorneys today. With Tucson Medical Negligence Lawyers, you learn which strategies to follow in filing the lawsuit. Sometimes, the selection you make on a lawyer means a lot to your case’s success. 

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