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Fatal Motorcycle Accident

By Karnas Law Firm |

It is heartbreaking to lose a beloved one in a motorbike accident. Furthermore, you must deal with the tremendous emotions associated with your loved one’s untimely death, as well as the financial hardship created by the unexpected death.

Knowing that some other motorist’s recklessness or disdain for safety was to blame for the deadly motorbike accident could render your grief and anguish even more difficult to bear. You are not forced to carry this load alone. The empathetic attorneys at Karnas Law Firm can provide you with the support you need to progress ahead.

The car accident lawyers understand the emotional, financial, and legal concerns of a fatal motorcycle accident. These attorneys will go through the details of your beloved’s fatal motorcycle incident and discuss your choices for pursuing reimbursement.

Seeking Compensation Following A Fatal Motorcycle Accident

The close family (including child, parent, spouse, and estate representative) of a motorcyclist who dies in a fatal incident due to the negligence of another has the lawful right to bring a wrongful death suit and pursue reimbursement for their beloved losses.

Motorcycle Personal Injury AttorneyEvery case is unique, and there is no monetary limit for a wrongful death suit involving a tragic motorcycle accident. Generally, if someone you care about was killed in a fatal motorbike accident caused by negligence, you may be eligible to claim reimbursement for:

  • The deceased’s estimated income
  • The deceased’s hospital bills
  • Burial and funeral expenditures
  • The deceased’s suffering and pain
  • Loss of consortium
  • Inheritance loss
  • Punitive damages (imposed to punish the liable party for negligence acts)

Allowing an experienced Car Accident Attorney at Karnas Law Firm to analyze the particulars of your claim is recommendable to obtain a better understanding of what you may be eligible to in damages from a wrongful death claim.

Have a Firm Understanding of the Outcomes

Arizona Motorcycle Accident an Intersections: Case Study of Hunsaker v. SmithFollowing a fatal motorcycle accident, the costs and possible insurance payouts are higher than a collision that causes only injuries. As a result, insurance providers covering the at-fault driver frequently attempt to reject claims or contest liability to avoid paying a hefty claim settlement.

If you want to be handled appropriately, you will require a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer to advocate for your rights. If you try to take the case independently, you might receive significantly less money than the claim is worth.

Unfortunately, most states have a statute of limitations for personal injury, which means that you have a limited timeframe from the date of the incident to file your claim. Consulting with a lawyer following the loss of a beloved might be the very last thing you think about. But considering the complexities surrounding motorcycle accident claims, it is advisable to obtain legal counsel as soon as feasible.

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