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Long Weekend Car Accidents

By Karnas Law Firm |

Travel Trailer TowingEvery year, millions of Americans hit the road during the holidays, especially Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Easter, Fourth of July, and New Year’s Eve. Additionally, when the spring and summer months begin to approach and the weather begins to approve, most Americans find themselves traveling long distances to visit friends and family or for recreational activities.

Unfortunately, during these extended weekends, there are increased accidents. At the end of the day — after figuring out schedules, packing everything you might need, and ensuring that there’s enough for the kids to do while in the car — you need to pay extra attention to the road.

If you sustained injuries or lost a loved one during a long weekend car accident, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact an experienced Car Accident Attorney with Karnas Law Firm, PLLC, to learn more about your legal options.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Long Weekend Car Accidents?

alcohol | karnas lawDuring an extended weekend trip, there are a number of factors that could contribute to a car accident, including: 

  • Heightened Traffic Distractions — more people on the roads, mean an increased risk for collisions. More traffic can make it difficult for motorists to stay careful and calm. As well, it’s vital to understand what measures you can take to minimize the distractions as possible, particularly if you are driving for long hours compared to what you’re used to.
  • Fatigue — Fatigue can be a significant problem when traveling long distances or at odd hours of the day. Before embarking on any long journey, please ensure you get plenty of rest. Take a break as soon as you feel the need, not until you’ve “gone far enough to deserve a break.” Avoid driving after dark, mainly if you have already driven for several hours. Splitting driving duties with another driver, if possible, would make the journey much more pleasant and safe.
  • Driving Under Influence If you’re going to be driving, it’s best not to drink any alcohol. And if you don’t drink, many other motorists haven’t shown the same discipline on a holiday weekend. Avoid driving between the hours of midnight and dawn on holiday weekends if at all possible to minimize your chances of running into someone else who should have known better than to get behind the wheel.
  • Aggression — While you might not realize it, speeding is a form of aggressive driving. With the long distances many Americans travel over a three-day weekend holiday, it’s all too easy to keep the accelerator held down, going from “just a little” over the speed limit to “everyone else is going this fast.” Increased speed reduces response time to the unexpected, such as another vehicle shifting lanes unexpectedly or a moose darting across the highway.

Contact An Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Negligent Driving on Arizona’s Most Dangerous Roads | Karnas Law FirmIf you’ve sustained injuries because of another person’s negligence, you might be liable for monetary compensation. The amount should cater to any medical expenses, rehabilitation, property damage, and suffering and pain.

The attorneys at Karnas Law Firm, PLLC, are pretty knowledgeable of the twists and turns of the law and will represent and advocate for you until you receive the compensation you deserve. In case you sustain injuries or lose a loved one in long weekend car accidents, learn how the car accident attorneys can help you by scheduling a free consultation today to discuss your case. 

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