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Motorcycle Accident Statistics vs. Car

By Karnas Law Firm |

Motorcycle accident injury claims are often not as straightforward as other types of car crashes. Even though there are some parallels between motorcycle accidents and car accidents, they differ owing to the dangers associated with riding a motorbike, the reasons for collisions, injuries incurred, and responsibility difficulties.

Motorcycles only use two wheels, no airbags or harnesses, and are obviously, much less than other cars. Moreover, motorcycles do not have the benefit of being contained and protected by metal. In comparison to automobile drivers, some of the greatest dangers that motorcycle riders encounter include restricted sight, road hazards including trash, rocks, mud, and minimized stability.

Differences Between Car and Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Personal Injury AttorneyMotorcycle crashes are more likely to cause injury and are more challenging to handle than vehicle accidents. Among the primary differences are:

  • Because of their fragility on the road, motorcyclists frequently sustain more serious and chronic injuries
  • Motorcycle riders might require extra protracted financial assistance to cover for medical treatment following a severe brain or spinal cord injury
  • Motorcycle accident victims frequently face increased obstacles in court from juries who perceive bikers as innately “irresponsible” or unsafe
  • Most motorcycle accident victims want extra reimbursement for lost lengthy wages and healthcare expenditures
  • Sadly, most motorcycle accidents lead to the death of the motorcyclist or passengers

Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents vs. Car

Motorcycle Personal Injury AttorneyMotorbike accident research and data have revealed:

  • Motorcycle accidents kill around 30 times more people than vehicle crashes
  • Motorcyclists, well over 40 years are nearly 20 times significantly more prone than automobile drivers of the very same age to sustain an injury in an accident
  • Motorcycle riders below 40 years are roughly 36 substantially more prone than drivers of the same age to be killed in an accident
  • Motorcycle crashes result in serious harm or death 8% of the time, but car crashes pose a high risk 20% of the time
  • Motorcycles account for around 2% of registered cars but account for roughly 5% of all roadway deaths

Auto accident stats and research vary from motorbike crash rates and studies, although there are still a considerable number of injured and fatally injured crash victims:

  • According to the US Department of Transportation, the typical motorist will be engaged in a car crash every 6 years, and drivers will have a near call at least twice per month
  • Per the National Safety Council, roughly 12 million car crashes occur each year, involving over 20 million automobiles
  • According to statistics, there are approximately 2 million debilitating injuries caused by car accidents each year
  • According to studies, up to 75% of vehicle accident injury victims suffer symptoms up to 6 months following the accident
  • Per the National Highway Traffic Administration research, roughly 28% of passengers in car accidents incur mild to moderate injuries, while about 6% suffer severe or fatal injuries

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