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Types of medical negligence

By Karnas Law Firm |

In a hospital environment, you might experience errors resulting from hospital staff, and these errors can impact your life. You might be forced to live with the physical and emotional scars caused by the neglect. Although mistakes can occur in hospitals, you should not wait too long to claim for neglect.

You can consult Tucson Medical Negligence Lawyers, who will educate you on the types of medical negligence and how you can get compensation from an insurance company. Read on to learn about the neglect that can occur in a hospital.


Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accidents?Misdiagnosis is common, and many malpractice cases qualify as misdiagnosis; for instance, the doctor would examine a patient and make the wrong diagnosis. The doctor might conclude the patient does not have a discernible illness when they are seriously sick or conclude one has a condition they don’t have.

Misdiagnosis is a serious one from getting the necessary treatment they deserve making their situation worse. Surprisingly an incorrect misdiagnosis sometimes does not qualify as malpractice, and malpractice only occurs when a doctor fails to do what other doctors would have done in a similar situation.

Late diagnosis occurs when a doctor fails to competently assess a patient less competently than other doctors would have done.

Failure to Treat the Patient

A doctor might fail to treat a condition after a successful diagnosis, and the failure to give adequate treatment might occur if the doctor is dealing with many patients.

This malpractice is putting profits over patient safety as the doctors would not be diligent about treating all the patients with the primary standard care.

Mistreatment happens when the doctor releases the patient too soon, fails to offer after-care treatment, and neglects to refer the patient to a specialist.

Birth Injury

Childbirth is a delicate time for a mother, and one which the family looks forward to and prepares for the arrival of the new family member. However, during birth, a healthcare practitioner might fail to offer adequate care to the mother and child, leading to complications and possible death.

However, if the complications incurred at birth could have been prevented, they can be classified as medical malpractice. Birth injuries are devastating and might affect an individual’s life.

Medical Device Liability

Is it Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?If you are lucky to have doctors who treat you right when you check into their facility, you might still be in harm’s way caused by a medical device. Some medical products might be poorly designed, and if the medical devices fail to work as promised, they might injure you, causing:

  • Severe injury
  • Prolonged emotional pain
  • Death

Your condition could get worse as the device does not provide the needed health benefits.

Unfortunately, the devices might injure you, and it could take time to notice that the harm is due to the medical device. People trust the manufacturers so much as they are entitled to manufacturing working devices; however, if they knew the devices were faulty, they will be liable victims.

Final Thoughts

Medical negligence causes harm and possible dangers, and you can consult your lawyer if you are a victim of neglect. The attorneys will guide you on discovering the types of negligence and filing a complaint to the hospital. Moreover, you would make a claim based on the harm caused by medical negligence.

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