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Types of Personal Injury

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Annually, millions of persons suffer personal injuries due to a range of causes and reasons. As a consequence, numerous different sorts of personal injury claims are filed every year. When somebody else’s negligence causes injuries or wrongful death, it becomes appropriate to pursue reimbursement if a personal injury lawyer considers you have a strong case.

Negligence means that damage happened as a result of another’s acts or inaction. If the other individual had acted responsibly, the injuries could have been avoided or reduced in severity. Some of the most common types of personal injury include:

  • Car Accidents: Car accidents are the leading cause of personal injury cases in the United States. The main reasons for car accidents include reckless driving, driving under the influence, aggressive driving, distracted driving, fatigue, adverse weather, poor road conditions, and more.
  • Slips and Falls: These kinds of injuries could be fatal, and they could result from negligence whenever somebody is aware of dangerous conditions but fails to alert others. Possible hazardous conditions that could contribute to a slip and fall include wet or slippery floors, poor lighting conditions, lack of railing, etc.
  • Medical Malpractice: Nurses, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare workers’ negligence could and frequently does result in severe injury. Incorrect care, misdiagnosis, pharmaceutical errors, surgical errors, pharmaceutical errors, birth damage (mistakes done during childbirth), and not diagnosing cancer or other chronic health conditions are all examples of medical malpractice.
  • Workplace Accidents: personal injury at work can result from a wide range of causes. Often, these accidents occur because of unsafe working conditions, defective equipment, and contact with hazardous chemicals. Also, jobs involving repetitive or strenuous movements can cause injuries. Accidents at the job that result in injury must nearly always be treated as a case to the employer’s insurer.
  • Wrongful Death: As the term suggests, the word “wrongful death” refers to a sort of suit that can be filed when somebody is killed due to somebody else’s negligence. The majority of wrongful death lawsuits result from vehicle accidents, medical negligence, nursing home neglect, building accidents, airplane mishaps, or the usage of a faulty or hazardous product. A “wrongful death” lawsuit provides for the recovery of damages that are distinct from those attainable in the case of non-fatal injuries.
  • Product Liability: Hazardous and faulty products could cause severe harm at home, at work, or in public. Inadequate warnings and operator manuals could also result in injuries. If you are hurt while on somebody else’s unkempt, dangerous premises, you could be able to sue the owners for damages incurred.

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It is vital to understand your legal rights and choices in the case of these prevalent sorts of personal injuries. You may have grounds to file a personal injury suit against the other party and be eligible for a bigger compensation claim than their insurer is providing. This is why, even if you only have concerns, it is always best to contact a renowned personal injury legal firm.

Have you or a loved one been entangled in one of these prevalent scenarios, which could result in severe injuries? If this is the case, you might wish to consider pursuing legal action by talking to an experienced Yuma Personal Injury Attorney, based on the facts of your situation. Find out more by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation today by contacting Karnas Law Firm at (928) 723-0088 or filling out the online contact form. 

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