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What to Do After You Have Been Involved in a Car-versus-Bicycle Accident in Arizona

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People involved in car-versus-bicycle accidents rarely seek medical compensation or report to the police. The thought of footing legal fees and following up with car insurance companies for compensation is enough to make one lose hope. However, what they do not realize is that an auto accident does not only affect their physical wellbeing. It also impacts negatively on their socio-economic and mental wellbeing to the point of being unproductive. 

To learn more about your legal rights, contact an experienced Tucson Car Accident Attorney with Karnas Law Firm, PLLC. Over time, victims of car-versus-bicycle accidents risk losing a lot by not seeking help from a Car Accident Attorney to ensure they get compensated for their pain and suffering. 

The accident

Comparative Negligence in Arizona | Karnas Law FirmIn case you were cycling to work or as part of your recreational routine, then a car hit you from in front or behind, it is your right to seek compensation if the driver was at fault. You may have sustained injuries to your body depending on the accident impact. The first thing to do is call the police to determine who was at fault and give a way forward on how the aggrieved party should seek compensation.

Get ER support

The impact of an accident may be so severe that you might hardly be conscious to seek medical help. If onlookers or bystanders succeed in taking you to the hospital for first aid or urgent treatment, you may pursue your legal compensation when you have gained consciousness.

Seek a car accident attorney’s legal help

Negligent Driving on Arizona’s Most Dangerous Roads | Karnas Law FirmSometimes, you might not feel the impact of an accident until a later date. The medical team may perform first aid to prevent bleeding or treat any injured parts of your body. You may be unable to go back to your routine, and over time, your medical bills may accumulate. As you focus on recovering, it is crucial to seek legal help from an auto accident attorney to pursue your compensation requests, including:  

  • Medical bills
  • Job loss or income loss
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Inability to earn a living through work

Car accident settlement disputes can be draining if you do not know who to turn to for help. It involves a series of paperwork that may take years to scrutinize and implement. Your vehicle accident attorney’s primary role is to present your case to the judge to decide how much you get in compensation for your medical and socio-economic expenses. 

In a case where the at-fault driver’s insurance company suggests settling out-of-court, do not give in to their demands as it may hinder your chances of claiming what is rightfully yours.

Focus on your recovery

Left Turns at Intersections: Negligence Per Se Under A.R.S. section 28-772 | Karnas Law FirmSeeking legal compensation for a car accident can be overwhelming, which is why you need a vindictive lawyer to ensure justice is served. As your attorney pursues your case, focus on your recovery.

Ensure you honor your doctor’s appointments to establish if your injury may affect your quality of life. Ask your doctor to provide your lawyer with a medical report to get the maximum compensation.

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